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5 tips to keep your skin hydrated all year round

The expert explains what care you should take to keep your skin healthy and avoid dryness

The sudden change in temperature over the days ends up drying the skin more than normal. Due to the oscillation between hot and cold, the skin’s protective barrier, if left untreated, is compromised and this also affects the quality of the appearance. Furthermore, climatic variations also change the products to be used, since each season requires a suitable garment.

The change in temperature affects the quality of the leather

“There are certain precautions that we must take at all times of the year, such as the use of sunscreen. It is recommended to use the product every day, regardless of the temperature, to maintain healthy and hydrated skin and avoid diseases” , she comments Luzia Costa, CEO of Sóbrancelhas and specialist in the field of aesthetics.

With this in mind, Luzia Costa lists 5 tips for taking care of your skin’s appearance throughout the year. I wait!

1. use sunscreen

Although they thought that the use of protector it must only be in the heat, the sun’s rays in the cold also act on our body and can cause serious harm. Therefore, always use sunscreen.

two. Keep your skin care up to date

The face, being the most exposed part of our body, is one of the most in need of care, both on hot and cold days. Facial hydration and the use of facial cleansing soaps are essential care to prevent water loss and maintain the protective barrier that the cold can remove.

3. avoid hot water

At all times of the year, avoid bathing in very hot water, as this constant practice can make the drier and more sensitive skin, as well as damaging the health of the hair. This happens because excess hot water strips the skin’s natural oiliness and damages the skin’s protective barrier, which is responsible for hydration and retaining moisture.

Drinking water hydrates your skin from the inside out.

4. Hydrate your body and eat right

drink the adequate amount of water for the body per day, 2 liters, and eat right. Normal attitudes, but which hydrate the body from the inside out and leave skin, hair and nails healthy.

5. Invest in moisturizers

You need to stay hydrated every day, all year round. By taking care of your skin with the right products, your body stays hydrated It’s healthy.

By Maria Eduardo

Source: Terra

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