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She wanted to live in Manhattan, and now she sleeps on the table: the girl showed the apartment, after which the “odnushka” looks like mansions

When we say “small apartment in New York” we imagine a small cozy apartment. It might be a bit cramped, but overall it’s pretty cool… That’s probably how fitness trainer Nikki thinks of her apartment, but what emotions will you feel? seeing such living conditions?

Nikki lives in the heart of Manhattan and is very happy – after all, she pays a whopping $1,750 a month for her studio! It is very small, housing with such a rental price can be found only on the outskirts of New York, and then, if you are lucky. The girl works as a personal trainer, works hard, lives alone and does not spend much time at home. This is most likely what allows her to keep her presence of mind, as the size of the living space that Nikki occupies is around 15 meters.

This is the whole apartment. It includes a hallway, a combined bathroom, a kitchen niche and a table … at night, “change clothes” into a bed.

Right there in that bed table are places to put the things Nikki has. She keeps her bedding in a basket.

Would you be able to live in such a small apartment?

No problem, the place is great

No way, I need space

The girl became a network star after inviting famous tiktoker Caleb Simpson to visit – he specializes in quirky New York accommodation reviews. This apartment (apartment?) became the star of his collection. Studio Nikki shocked blogger subscribers.


“How can we fit here, the size of a shoebox”, “This girl is a hero, I would go crazy in such a cramped place”, “Sure, living in Manhattan is fine, but not same price!” — netizens write under the video review of Nikki’s apartment.

And what do you think?

Source: The Voice Mag

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