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Ubatuba now charges R$13 per day per car

After four postponements, the environmental conservation fee will finally begin to be charged to visitors

After four postponements, the municipality of Ubatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, has announced that the collection of Environmental Conservation Fee will start on Wednesday 8th February. Payment is mandatory for travelers staying in the destination for more than four hours.

What is collected will be used to reduce the environmental impact generated by the large flow of visitors.

R$3.50 per motorbike, R$13 per car, R$19.50 per van or kombi, R$59 per minibus or truck and R$92 per bus will be charged per day. People who live or have holiday homes in Ubatuba and all vehicles from neighboring municipalities are exempt from payment: São Sebastião, Caraguatatuba, Ilhabela, Cunha, São Luiz do Paraitinga, Nativity of Sierra and Paraty. To do this, you must register your vehicle on the Eco Ubatuba website.

Vehicle control is done through three radars installed at the entrances of Ubatuba: on the highways Osvaldo Cruz, Tamoios AND Rio Santos. There are no physical barriers like those at toll booths. The fee will be charged continuously and payment can be made on the Eco Ubatuba website, at one of the six physical booths in the neighborhoods of Greenhouse 1, pond, Lot of Ribeira, northern red, Ipiranguinha AND Great beach or by a tag installed on the windshield of the car, which will work as “Sem Parar”. After leaving the city, the traveler will have 30 days to pay the taxes. In the event of a pending payment, it will be entered in the municipal debt.

The municipal council of Ubatuba approved the decree in December 2017. According to Guilherme Adolpho, municipal secretary for the environment, the amounts raised will be invested in the city’s infrastructure, in the conservation of beaches and local biodiversity, and in the control of municipal waste. Ubatuba produces more than 40 thousand tons of waste every year. During the New Year’s weekend from 2021 to 2022, the city generated one thousand tons of trash per day.

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Source: Terra

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