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Discover the little-known side of each sign

See what the zodiac has in store for each sign beyond common sense


Discover the little-known side of each sign

Everyone knows Aries for his self-centeredness and impatience, to fight with everything and everyone. However, know that people of this sign are brave and protective; if you are loved by a person of this sign, know that you have a super hero by your side.


Taurus people are known for their excessive jealousy and possessiveness, as well as their love of not spending, but they know that Taurus is a provider and if you need to live off them for a long time, they won’t complain.


Gemini is a curious and fickle sign and is said to have a hard time in love. Lie. Gemini when she loves, it may take some time to surrender, but when she surrenders, she plunges headlong. They are romantic poets.


Cancer is a sensitive, whiny, controlling, and jealous water sign, but few know that Cancer people are very career-oriented. Cancers and Cancers usually leave good grades in the corporate world.


Everyone knows that Leo is self-centered and loves to be the center of attention, but few know the generous side of Leo. He is governed by the heart, he is passionate yes, but extremely generous and loving.


Do you have a cleaning craze? Will be? There is, but the cleanliness that Virgo seeks is purity of soul, purity of heart, and honesty of spirit. The Virgin wants cleanliness of character, of principles. It is, without a doubt, the most ethical sign of the zodiac.


Considered the kindest sign of the zodiac, Libra also has its dark side, which it only shows to those who share its intimacy. He loves balance and peace, but don’t abuse his kindness, as he can be quite violent.


One of the most offended of the zodiac, he is known only for his need for revenge and rancor. Few people know that Scorpio needs intimate relationships, but the intimacy he seeks is not sexual, he is loyal, faithful and needs emotional intimacy.


The sign of disorder, detachment and adventure can also be generous, affectionate and kind. Few people know about Sagittarius’ ability to give. Detachment often leads to thinking more of others than of oneself.


Are you one of those who think Capricorn is cold? If so, it is a sign that you have never shared intimacy with someone of that sign. Capricorn is just as loving, generous and sensitive as Cancer. What he has is a protective but thin layer around his heart.


Everyone says Leo loves the spotlight and loves attention. But I consider Aquarius to never give up on applause or being the center of attention. Leo gets fame, but Aquarius is far, far more self-centered than any other sign.


Pisces are sensitive and even dismantled when it comes to emotions. We all know that. He is generous, loves sacrifice and has a strong tendency to vice. But Pisces, when they can figure out their place in this brick and mortar world, can powerfully embrace big roles in the corporate world.

Source: Terra

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