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Is Avatar 3: The 9-Hour Series in the works for Disney+?

A 9-hour directorial for Avatar 3? This is the rumor that is circulating at the moment CBR.com. James Cameron plans to put this version online on Disney+ shortly after Avatar 3’s theatrical release.

A few months ago, the already mentioned rumors appeared after the tweet of the American critic, Jeff Snyder. According to him, Cameron plans to release a 9-hour cut of Avatar 3 as a miniseries on Disney+.

Rumors: Remember the 9-hour edit of AVATAR 3 that James Cameron insisted was done for visual effects? I heard there might be a mini-series on Disney+ after the movie hits theaters…

Snyder said last December that Cameron had a nine-hour layoff while waiting for Avatar 3, which did not include visual effects. However, after the director adds the special effects, he will edit the director’s cut before it is released in theaters.

Avatar 3 already promises a very different experience from the first two films. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) will not be the narrator. James Cameron has revealed that Jake’s son Loak, played by Britain’s Dalton in The Way of the Water, will play the role.

In addition, Cameron hinted that Avatar 3 will feature more than one new boat tribe and may introduce a wind tribe in addition to the fire tribe. And it’s Game of Thrones actress Oona Chaplin who will be at the helm of the fireboat, as producer Jon Landau has revealed.

Zoe Saldana’s mistake?

Another hint suggests that this rumor might not be as crazy as it sounds. While attending the 2023 Academy Awards, Zoe Saldana gave some information about the long-awaited Avatar 3. entertainment tonight.

After expressing his excitement about the film’s sequel, the star has resumed shooting and revealed that the film is not finished “70%“, contradicting Cameron’s previous comments. He released this information when he arrived at the ceremony:

We are going to come back this summer and finish it. We are 70% done. But we have time.

When Avatar: The Last Airbender finally began production, it was reported that Cameron was shooting a third installment at the same time, primarily because of the underwater sequences that involved full CGI characters.

Interestingly, Avatar 3 wrapped filming at the end of December 2020 after three years of production, making Zoe Saldana’s comments about the need to continue production surprising.

A few months earlier, Cameron had indicated that Avatar 3 was “95% doneIt was confirmed last December that the films were shot back-to-back in hopes of avoiding the Stranger Things effect, where actors age without fulfilling their roles.

Accordingly, Zoe Saldana’s statement lends credence to the rumor of a 9 o’clock edit. This explains why actors need to do extra shots.

Source: Allocine

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