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Alphace and Cezar Black argue badly at the BBB 23: “I want you on the wall”

Cezar Black and Ricardo Alface had a bad fight after the game of discord this Monday (3/27) at the “BBB 23”. The nurse did not like being quoted by the biomedical practitioner in the dynamics and went to ask the participant for a justification, who shouted and threatened his opponent.

The confusion started because Alphace recalled Cezar’s move to defend himself against Amanda during an argument during the live show. Ricardo recalled that Black, when he was an angel, preferred to immunize Aline Wirley instead of the doctor, with whom he was closest.

Cezar did not like being used as an argument by Ricardo and the two got into an argument. Black retaliated and revealed Alface’s move to Aline, who reacted: “My brother, I’ll tell you one thing: ‘You’re fucked, I’ll wall you! I want you against the wall!’

After being threatened by the member, Black was defended by Amanda Meirelles and Aline which made Alface even more irritated and he asked them not to get involved in the argument he was having with his brother. “Respect that, Lettuce. You’re not running the show!” Amanda shot.

It’s no news that Ricardo and Black are at odds in the game. The duo has already starred in several discussions, mainly in the Discord Games. However, after switching rooms, Alphace was trying a supposed approximation. Apparently, the brothers’ reconciliation went down the drain.

Source: Terra

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