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Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown: Audrey Knife under the skirts of girls

Audrey Dane has released her new comedy Under the Skirts of Girls and If I Were a Man. We met the screenwriter and director, one of the actors in the film, Thierry Lermitte. It was released in theaters this Wednesday, May 25th.

Რ About?

Seven men, aged 17 to 70, who are the complete opposite, if not on the verge of a nervous breakdown, start group therapy in the desert. This mysterious course, “exclusively for men”, should work wonders. The first surprise when they arrive: The coach is a woman! Unpredictable and confusing, he will do anything to help them get better. With or without their consent …

Men’s hearts according to Audrey Knife

Under the skirts of the girls, Audrey leans on a knife … the heart of a man. In the choral comedy People on the Edge of Nervous Disorder, the director signs a gallery of sensitive and loving portraits, full of tenderness and humor.

We met Audrey Dana and one of the actors in this group, Thierry Lermitte, at the Alpe d’Huez festival last January.

I really enjoyed directing all these women under the skirts of girls and I wanted to become a masculine colleague under the skirts of girls avoiding mistakes. When I say mistakes, it is that it was a lot of heroes, but not together. I could not really grasp the characters, and he was still quite archetypal. “He continues.

I firmly believe in reconciliation

I changed with men on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I was curious about the idea of ​​gathering a real group of guys, making a choral film, but the desire to go into the depths of their humanity. To get there, you all had to unite. ” And add:I really believe in reconciliation and also perfectly consider a woman perspective on a group of men.

For her third feature film as a director, Audrey Dana is surrounded by wonderful actors: Thierry Lermitt, Ramsey Bedia, François-Xavier Demison, Laurent Stoker, Pascal Demolon, Michael Gregorio, Max Bissett de Malglive, Mar Havis.

We were a real colony on the set, laughing like we were in a camp“Thierry Lermit starts on the set with a team spirit.”In the film, within this group, they all have slightly different views about the experiences they are experiencing. They eventually find themselves in the fact of running, of convincing themselves, of running. But in the beginning, in any case, they all look different. Anyone can find themselves in one of these visions“.

Audrey Dana’s “People on the Edge of Nervous Disorder” hits theaters this Wednesday, May 25th.

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