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Stranger Things on Netflix: Why is Eleven moving at the end of Season 3?

After a three-year wait, the Stranger Things are back. Divided into two parts, Season 4 – Volume 1 – is coming out on Netflix from May 27th. The story finds the characters six months after the dramatic events at Starcourt Mall, but a new creature comes along that threatens our characters.

For the first time, the whole group is separated. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Bayer family now live in California, far from Hawkins. But by the way, why is it in such a hurry to go? Before entering the world, a quick look in the rearview mirror is essential.

The third season offered a very emotional finale. Before Sheriff Hopper (David Harbor) dies, Eleven turns out to be an orphan. Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) decides to take him under his wing and leave the city of Hawkins. Separation is difficult for a group that has experienced a series of dramas – including the death of Max (Sed Sink)’s brother Bill (Dakre Montgomer). After losing his adoptive father, Elven has no choice but to say goodbye to Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

If this trip was to offer them a fresh start, it was especially necessary to protect the eleven by taking them out of the city and its laboratory. However, in the second official trailer for Season 4, we learn that this choice was made by Dr. Owens (Paul Raiser), the new director of Hawkins Laboratory. “Get rid of Hawkins for your safety. “But the war is brewing,” he said.

In the face of a new and powerful enemy – who would answer Vekna’s name – eleven will undoubtedly find their way to Hawkins to help his friends.

Volume 1 of Stranger Things 4 Available from May 27th. 2 volumes are expected on July 1st.

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