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Camera: Vance Barber Receives Music Video Achievement Award

Cinematographer Vance Barber will receive the Camerimage Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Clips at this year’s festival, which takes place November 12-19 in Torun, Poland.

Barber’s team included the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Cher, Celine Dion, Pearl Jam, Britney Spears, Busta Rhymes, Gloria Estefan, The Weeknd and Santana.

Burberry will also be part of the jury of the music video contest for the 30th edition of the festival.

Burberry grew up in Sydney, Australia, starting the lighting industry for local rock bands and eventually lighting tours for the likes of Cold Chisel and INXS.

He has been diving for 40 years and has also authored and tutored a professional underwater filmmaking course as part of the NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) sanctioned program.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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