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Tini Stoessel thrilled the Palermo Hippodrome with her talent

It blew it all up. Tini Stoessel shone and thrills the neighborhood of Palermo, with their presentations at the Hippodrome, at the start of the “Tini Tour 2022”.

With 3 giant screens showing her video clips at the start of each song, more than five changes of looks and twenty dancers, Tini left the more than 16,000 spectators who came to see her speechless.

Thus, in about two hours, the star had fathers, mothers, boys and girls dancing and singing, who did not want to miss his show.

There were a total of 22 songs. Among those who stood out, to be the favorites of the public: “2.50 Remix”, with the presence of MYA on stage, “Por qué te vas”, his last release “Carne y Hueso”, “High”, “Fantasi” , “The Triple T” and “Lie to me”.

There were, of course, emotional moments at the hands of his most sentimental songs. Although the sublime point was when Tini herself dedicated “Come closer” to her fatherwho this year had to be hospitalized for a serious health problem.

“I want to thank you once again for having accompanied me in the worst moment of my life. And also because I know that you asked for dad, that you sent him the most beautiful energy in the world and I assure you that everything that came so that today he is here again watching me sing. I love you very much, old man,” Tini said with tears in his eyes.

Source: Qmusica

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