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Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel: a passionate and gourmet union at Dodin Bouffant in Cannes 2023.

They climbed the steps tenderly and complicitly on May 24, sometimes laughing, sometimes hugging, united by a bond that everyone was trying to define just after they both presented La Passion de Dodin Bouffant in competition at Cannes.

Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel. Remember: Almost 25 years ago, they lived a beautiful love story that gave birth to a young Hannah, who was recently seen with her mother’s star in the movie “With Love and Sorrow.” By the time Diane Currie made Children of the Century, Juliette was more of a star than Benoit and ten years his junior. It’s enough to withstand heavy thunderstorms.

Now, 20 years apart, “difference” has given way to some “equality”, both of them at the peak of their long and beautiful careers and at the top of their time. They really can’t do Ms. Binoche.

Hence equality, but also balance and intimacy. These are the words that stand out when you see them gathered here under the loving eye of Tran Anh Hung. A true declaration of love for French gastronomy, his film in competition follows the story of renowned gastronomist Dodin Buffan and his distinguished chef over 20 years. Because of spending time together in the kitchen, a passion for love was formed between them, where love is closely related to the practice of cooking.

From this union, dishes are born, which are more delicious and delicate than each other, and which cause the amazement of the greatest people of this world. However, freedom-loving Yezhenia never wanted to marry Dodin. Then the latter decides to do something he has never done before: cook for her…

“measured”A deep, polite novel that unites two heroes “The Autumn of Their Lives” is from another time, greatly contributed to the screen what these two great stars of French cinema experienced in the city, brilliant and impressive with this old-fashioned decor.

Hearing her moan with pleasure as she eats the food she prepares is worth all the pleasure; And the description he makes of the journey of food from his mouth to his stomach is all poetry.

Gestures become so precise and slow that they become sensual, a continuous and demanding search for taste, an eloquent and concentrated silence, aromas, textures, consistency, temperature, even a gentle mixture: at Dodin Bouffant, meat thrives on good food.

Also, with his passion for his profession, it is necessary to maintain the difference: “In the film, Yevgeny asks Dodin whether she is more his wife or his cook”. reminded us Juliette Binoche A. laughs kindly Benoit Magimel During the cheerfully held press conference.

“Benoit had a hard time answering! He always wanted to say ‘my wife.'” But by answering “my cook” he “accurately gives his wife a place, her independence in a film that is much more feminist than it appears.”He analyzed further.

“It’s finding what you’re made for that makes life worthwhile, because you evolve from something mysterious. Then you can share it with someone, evolve. But knowing that he’s a cook first of all gives him clarity about what he’s made for. It doesn’t get in the way Let him love and be loved.”

A story of couples in more ways than one, La Passion de Dodin Bouffant ultimately celebrates, in an easy to understand, harmonious professional collaboration that has led to precious love stories: first of the two characters, and then theirs. The mythical incarnations were united on the screen, and finally, what connected the director and his working partner Ian Khe with the artistic direction, is by his side at all stages of the project. “Maximize her beauty” And above all make it…fair. The film is dedicated to the latter.

If you want to expand your passion for Juliette Binoche, know that on Mubi, A cycle of nine of these films marks his impressive filmography.

Our first meeting with Tran Anh Hung:

Source: Allocine

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