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Do you want to feel old? See Honey Boo Boo’s post on college acceptance

There is nothing more sobering than taking a look at some pop culture faces from your past and realizing that they are much older than when they entered your suburbs. If you want to cling to the illusion of your youth, read no further as I’m about to drop a bomb: Honey Boo Boo just got accepted into college. True, later Macaulay Culkin left us speechless with his age in a viral tweet, TLC Here you come baby boo boo star just announced that she was accepted into college and I can totally feel the wheel of time spinning a little faster.

Honey Boo Boo, who I’ll now call her real name Alana Thompson to spare me some internal thrills, posted instagram last week, announcing that she was accepted into Georgia Military College for its dual enrollment program. You can check the message below:

Her beauty and brains title is certainly noteworthy, as Alana Thompson not only got accepted into college, but got accepted early! The double curriculum mentioned in the acceptance letter probably means that you will take college courses while still in high school, in addition to your regular schoolwork, to earn college credit.

So honestly, it’s not as bad as you might think: the little boys and tiaras The star who rose to fame with her quirky southern charm hasn’t left high school yet, just starting college. Despite, Here you come baby boo boo She finished my senior year of high school, so I personally feel a little guilty about how long it’s been since Alana Thompson’s bold confidence first stole America’s heart.

when Here you come baby boo boo it happened at TLC, at the time there really wasn’t such a thing and the references to star Alana Thompson were pretty much the human encapsulation of the phrase “children say the strangest things!” they were practically everywhere. The show was canceled in 2014 after 4 seasons when child abuse issues raised (Not so funny fact: This isn’t the only time a TLC star has been linked to these kinds of allegations.) Thompson has appeared on other reality shows focusing on his mother, mother June since then and has also participated Dancing with the Stars Junior few years ago

In fact, Alana Thompson can be seen alongside her mother Mama June: The way to redemption. Even if you won’t find it our TV show for 2022 , premiered a few weeks ago on WeTV. Joining the program without knowing anything about the family since dear dear days, I can honestly say that a lot has changed in the family. 10 years will definitely.

You should be proud of Alana Thompson though! She continues to film things for her family and maintain an image for the world, but she also seems to prioritize her education and early college. Yes, university. I can’t even think of little Honey Boo Boo in college without feeling gray hair growing inside me!

Source: Cinemablend

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