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The movie “Duke Nukem” created by the creators of “Cobra Kai”, legendary (exclusive)

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Duke NukeThe 1990s video game that helped popularize the first-person shooter genre is making a feature film.

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Legendary Entertainment, company back Dune s გოძილა A series of monster movies, the film rights were taken from Gearbox. kai snake Creators Josh Held, John Horwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are on board as producers.

The legendary will also be the producer, as well as Jean-Julien Baronet (ᲛKredo de Credo) From Marla Studios, specializing in video game adaptation. Heald, Hurtwitz and Schlossberg visit their account, Counterbalance Entertainment.

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It debuted in 1991 with Apogee Software, later renamed 3D Realms. Nukem It is a billion dollar video game franchise that started life as a PC platformer. When the third game, Duke Nukem 3d, released in 1996 and becoming not only a critical success but also one that helped make the first-person shooter ubiquitous in the years that followed. After years of low attendance and development delays, the franchise returned in 2011 after Gearbox acquired 3D Realms. Duke Nukem Forever.

Nukem focuses on its main character, created from 80s action movie characters (including catchphrases) fighting the alien invasion of Los Angeles. Travel from strip clubs and movie theaters to moon bases and spaceships, dealing with mutant officers of the Los Angeles Police Department, women used in alien incubators and the cycloid emperor.

A writer is being sought to handle the material. And while there’s no director on board, the door is open for one of the counterbalance crews to potentially sit behind the camera.

With overly elevated styles of action movies, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has long sought to accommodate gaming resources. Several independent producers have been trying to develop NukemAlthough none have gone too far. The gearbox had Nukem The project is in development at Paramount, with John Senna, who played it four years ago, but is stalled.

As a result, Gearbox has focused more on its Hollywood strategy to adapt its video games and now has a platform: neighboring countriesDirected by Eli Roth and starring an all-star cast including Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart. Lionsgate is behind the film, which is expected to be released in 2022.

Trio of Counterweights Makes a Name in Franchise Comedy: Held Writes hot bath machine A franchise for MGM, as Hurwitz and Schlossberg first wrote, then directed Harold and Kumar Comedies. re-imagined Კ Aratista boy for the new generation kai snake, undisputed success on Netflix, which also earned numerous Emmy nominations. Held, Hurwitz and Schlossberg are showbiz creators, executive producers and series writers, writing and directing several episodes.

The balance is taken by the CAA. Behr Abramson repeats Held, while Hansen Jacobson repeats Hurwitz and Schlossberg.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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