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‘We are not wanted’: Muriel Robin condemns homophobia in cinema

A true cry from the heart. This Saturday, on the set of the show “what time is it!” From France 2, the comedian and actress Muriel Robin made a big fuss and criticized the homophobia that she says reigns supreme in the seventh art world and which has prevented her from having a great career on the big screen.

“I’m the only actor in the world who said he’s gay and said that”declares Muriel Robin, who cites the examples of Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart to back up her points.

“Jodie Foster has been silent for 30 years, hiding. In addition, on the day of the release, she said: “It would be a shame if my films are not released in 3000 theaters, but I will be able to revive my love. open it.”

Kristen StewartIt’s her first time with a very famous man. Robert Pattinsoncontinues the 68-year-old French woman. “He’s got a heterosexual stamp, so his homosexuality is a bit sexy, a bit rock, ‘might not stay there, he’s still straight’… and after that we’ve been on our way.”

“I know French gay actors, they are quiet”says Muriel Robin, who believes it “Otherwise we will never put a woman in their hands again.” “Name me an actor or actress in the world who has a great career when he’s gay. There isn’t one.” says the actor, who will star in the TF1 TV movie Les Yeux Grands Fertés on October 2.

“If you’re gay, you’re not wanted. You can’t be penetrated.”Muriel Robin continues in very strong words. “When you are not penetrated in this society and cinema, you are worthless, if you are old, you will not be penetrated, if you are ugly, you will not be penetrated, if you are not penetrated, you are not. penetrated. Not penetrating, we’re worthless.”

“Every day I cried my eyes out. I’m fine, it’s over, it’s classified. But why am I telling myself I have to talk about it?”Then he asks himself.

“Because we have to tell young gay actors and actresses 13, 14, 15, 17 years old… producers, directors and directors have to tell them there’s no point in doing this stuff, they’re not going to make movies.” I don’t want them to go through what I went through.”

“We should tell those who come who are homosexuals that they don’t leave there for thirty years”Muriel Robin concludes, referring to the three decades during which she regrets only appearing in two comedies.

Trailer for “Visitors 2: The Corridors of Time” with Muriel Robin:

Source: Allocine

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