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Tomorrow belongs to us: Alma and Benjamin will soon be a couple?

The relationship between Victor and Samuel may force Alma and Benjamin to get closer in the next episodes of “Tomorrow We Own”. From there to discuss the love story between them?

Warning, this article contains spoilers about the next episodes of Tomorrow. If you do not want to understand anything, do not read it.

The arrival of spring is synonymous with love tomorrow belongs to us. While Victor (Solene Hebert) and Samuel (Axel Keener) ask each other for forty days to challenge their innocence to test their feelings, another pair will be formed in the next episodes of TF1’s successful daily soap opera.

Indeed, the relationship between Victor and Samuel may force Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) and Alma (Camille de Patzis), their former heroes, to get closer and why not start a new story to heal their wounded heart wounds …

In An unpublished extract is available on MYTF1Alma and Benjamin stroll the streets of Setet and discuss their distance.

I felt like there was an attraction between Victoire and him when he moved in, but hey … I didn’t want to believe that. “- says Alma. The latter also admits to denying it, even though the two doctors fell in love with her.

For his part, Benjamin says Victor’s distance was quite different. He said they were so divorced because he wanted children, but not him.

We tried to continue, but I think we both knew it was doomed “, He explained to his new friend.

In their pain, Alma and Benjamin finally find an ear of sympathy for each other. When they recognize that starting a story is easier said than done, Alma and Benjamin go to an English teacher’s building.

After thanking each other for listening, they start kissing each other before kissing passionately. Captivated by the passion of the moment, they then ascend to Alma to share an intimate relationship.

We have just witnessed the birth of a new couple Tomorrow belongs to us?

According to an official synopsis published by TF1, the initial relationship between Alma and Benjamin could indeed continue for the rest of the day. If it is still too early to know where to take them, these two wounded souls must at least go a little way.

It is therefore a safe bet that this story will cause any drama under Seth’s sun.

Source: allocine

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