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Tomorrow belongs to us: What awaits you in episode 1151 of Monday, March 28, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … Before Chloe is attacked, Raphael makes a mistake. At the same time, Etienne becomes Agnès Varda’s new CPE.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers from the TV series Tomorrow belongs to us on Monday evening on TF1! If you do not want to understand anything, do not read!

Monday 28 March Tomorrow we belong…

Chloe was attacked

Police arrived at Bart’s home after Charlie’s announcement. Suspected in the murder of Leah Kursel, he was arrested. While Matilda and Louise helplessly watch the scene, Bart takes advantage of the switch to delete messages on his cell phone.

At the police station, he admits that it was he who organized the secret evening that took place two years ago in Agnes Varda. Since experts have not been able to determine the cause of the fire, the young man points out that it is possible that the connection of his sound system to an electrical panel caused a fire. Then he did not tell the police because he was afraid, but now he is ready to accept the consequences of his actions.

By scanning his phone, Sarah and Nordin noticed that Bart had deleted a group of messages called “Emergency 10/27/2019”. Before the policeman tries to find out why he did it, he simply replies that he wanted to protect Charlie, Gabriel, Nuri and Garanz, who were also present that evening. When Sarah asks him if he was the one who killed Leah, Bart swears, then does not specify that he could never have done such a thing. Unfortunately, his lie does not work in his favor.

For their part, Nur, Gabriel and Garanz will be interrogated by Captain Said. On the evening of Leah Kursell’s death, Nur spent the night at her sister’s house, Gabriel was alone at home, and Garanz worked all night at the hospital. Moreover, none of them remembers seeing the victim during a secret evening.

For his part, Roxanne managed to exhume the event’s Facebook page, but found no trace of Leah Kursel among the participants. Despite everything, Captain Said is convinced that Paul Valerie’s former high school students are hiding something that Leah was trying to discover. Nordine has news of a neighborhood survey. Indeed, Bart witnesses claim to have seen him arguing with Leah Courcelles on Tuesday evening.

After that, Sarah joins Bart in the cell and informs him that the prosecutor has ordered her placement in prevention. When he talks about the testimony, Valorta’s son admits that he asked Leah Kursell to stop stirring up the story. He also admits that they quarreled and insulted each other, but confirms that nothing was done to him. He sincerely thinks Sarah promises that they will do everything with Karim to get him out of there. Sarah then wraps him in handcuffs to take him to the van.

Later, Louise and Anna find it hard to believe that Bart killed Leah Kursel to cover up a secret party two years ago. Only Louise wonders if it hides anything else, because to her it’s weird for a few weeks. Since Anna believes her son’s condition is related to the fact that he went to see Flora last weekend, Louisa tells him that it is impossible because the stepmother has not yet been allowed to see him. So the two women understand that Bart lied again, not knowing why. Lewis hopes police will quickly find out all this when a beloved man in prison falls ill.

When night falls, Chloe is about to leave school when the light in the hall suddenly goes out. When he turns on his cell phone to illuminate the environment, someone slaps him in the back.

Raphael creates ambiguity

In Delcourt, Raphael confesses to Chloe that he loved Stanislas a little. However, now that they have completed the report, he no longer has a reason to see it again when he dies doing so. So Chloe urges him to contact her and invite her over for a drink. Before they can find the right words to send it, Raphael mistakenly sends it. I think you are very sexy. I really want to fall in love with the rose petals on the bed. “.

“If Stanislas did not respond to his message, he received a bouquet of red roses with a small card that you can read on.” For a good sentence. Here are the roses already. “.

In the evening Raphael and Stanislas meet for dinner. After she apologizes to him for the inappropriate message, they get along well and even order champagne to toast their meeting.

At the end of the evening, Stanislas accompanies Raphael home, and then invites him to do it again in his place next time. Raphael does not refuse and kisses her stealthily before going home.

Etienne becomes AGNÈS VARDA’s new CPE

Etienne canceled a personal lesson with a slave for no reason. George’s mother concludes from this that he is abandoning himself because it is difficult, but Dorian assures us that this is not necessarily his father’s style. In fact, the slave feels relieved until he sees Etienne on the school grounds.

Later, Chloe introduces Etienne to her students as Agnès Varda’s new CPE. A big surprise for Dorian, who did not know. After introducing himself in turn to the whole class, without humor, Etienne severely beats the AIDS intervention to raise the awareness of his students.

After that, Etienne tells Chloe that she thought she had completed her national education. But while teaching the slave, he realized how much he missed interacting with students. Shortly after, Etienne joins the courtyard of the slave institution. In her new position as CPE, Etienne will unfortunately no longer have time to take private lessons. However, he says he is confident he will pass the bachelor’s degree and vows to keep an eye on it.

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