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A more beautiful life in advance: a summary of the Monday episode of March 28, 2022 [SPOILERS]

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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Before the dolphin and Theo hide Coral’s body, Gerard falls in love with Carmen and discovers that Laetia’s favorite millionaire.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode A more beautiful life Will be broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Dolphin and Theo hide Coral’s body

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After removing Coralia’s body, Theo, falling down, tries to resurrect her, in vain. The next morning, the dolphin reads to the child to try to understand what happened, but the latter cannot answer him. The dolphin noticed a hematoma on the forehead, but Theo does not remember anything …

Blanche, meanwhile, leaves a message for Coral’s answering machine to remind him that he has arranged dinner with former colleagues to return to Marci. He explains to Frank that his friend had come home earlier to surprise Theo. Frank suggests they are all together at a villa party. Then the two ex-spouses decide to go there.

In turn, the dolphin decides to make the coral body disappear. Theo is dragged to the trunk of the car. It is completely destroyed. He is in the car wondering if he is not responsible for the death of his companion. The dolphin continues to take the case and goes to the forest, where he leaves the car in a hidden place.

Meanwhile Blanche and Frank arrive at the villa and discover that there is no one inside.

Far from Mistral, a dolphin calls Frank to come to them. He calls Blanche a taxi to go find them. There he finds Theo, still in shock. Dolphin claims they were the victims of a car hijacking by armed men who struck her son. He adds that they have not seen Coral because he has yet to arrive that evening.

Returning home, the dolphin convinces him to keep the Coral secret behind Frank’s back and then relax. Deeply saddened for his son, he finds comfort in the arms of a companion who promises not to let go.

In Marci, Rochat, Nathan and Blanche are waiting for Coral and start thinking about his absence …

Gerard meets Valentine

The fan gives himself the right to ask Leticia to remind her brother that she has a 450 euro sheet in Marci. Laetia therefore confronts Gerard, who agrees to pay everything by the end of the week as he awaits a salary transfer. In fact, he asked Kevin for help for € 500, apparently promising to pay him back. This time Gerard discovers that Leticia meets Valentine, whose millionaire status he gets from Kevin.

Before Leticia and Valentine have a drink on the terrace at Marci, Gerard offers them champagne from the next table. Valentine invites him to join them to get to know each other better. Gerard does not stop praising his sister during various childhood anecdotes. Valentin admitted that he considered him very sympathetic.

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