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Series Mania 2022: The World of Tomorrow, Soft Flesh and Reusss Award Winner

The 2022 edition of the Series Mania Festival has just been completed in Lille. “Tender Flesh”, the most exciting news from France tv slash to “Baby”, soon on OCS, through “Le Monde Demain” dedicated to NTM, discover the winners.

The last applause for the series Mania 2022. The 12th edition of the International Festival, held March 18-25 in Lille and the regions with a few exceptional sessions of HPI or E Syndrome, ended tonight, at the end of eight days. Intense competition and great serial discoveries.

Nuggets, from many countries, brought to you by the AlloCin√© team for a week through daily articles, but also in its Spotlight podcast, the second episode of which can be seen below, specifically dedicated to the Parallels series. Before tomorrow’s third and final issue goes online, Sophia Essay is a special guest.

So at the closing ceremony, which was presented by comedian and comedian Willie Dia, various juries from the International Competition, the French Competition and the International Panorama revealed their awards and awarded series such as The World of Tomorrow. The beginnings of the NTM group and the Les Papillons noirs that will soon be released on Arte.

There are also two new releases from the French television slash platform: Soft Chair, which won the prize for Best French Series, and Reusss, a musical with the sound of hip hop, featuring three young female lead actresses, namely Assa Sylla (Skam France), Charlie Louisele and Revelation Ines Ocavo. Received a prize for the role of the best actress in a French TV series.

And foreign series such as The Baby, a horror comedy that will be offered at OCS from April 25, Fire Dance, Funeral For a Dog, or even The Dark Heart, Romeo and Juliet’s kind of visit to Sweden amid disappearances.

Discover the full winners of the Mania 2022 Edition series below:

International competition

Best Series: Tomorrow’s World (France)

Best Actress: Michelle DeSwart – Baby (UK)

Best Actor Actor: Yehuda Levi – Fire Dance (Israel)

International Review

Jury Prize / Best TV Series: Dark Heart (Sweden)

Special Jury Prize: Sunshine Eyes (Germany)

Student Jury Prize: Dog Burial (Germany)

French competition

Best Series: Tender meat (in French TV slash)

Best Actress: Charlie Louisele, Ines Ushaou and Assa Sila – Rouse (French television slash)

Best Actor Actor: Axel Granberger – Black Butterflies (Arte / Netflix)

Best Original Music: Fire! Chatterton – Toutouyoutou (OCS)

Comedy Night

Best Comedy: Bloody Murray (Israel)

Short format competition

Best Series: Float (United Kingdom)

Special Note: 18:30 – New Season (France)

Audience Award

Birth of Daniel Harris (UK)

Keep in mind that in just a few hours you can find a few series that were featured in Series Mania this year Festival platformFree and open to all.

Source: allocine

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