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Oussekine at Disney +: We’ve seen the first episode of this stunning series, which marks 2022

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This is a tragedy that has gripped an entire generation. On December 6, 1986, Malik Usekin’s body was found on a staircase in Paris. Hours earlier, a group of 22-year-old acrobats were being chased by police on battered motorcycles. The frightened man took refuge in the hall of the building before being beaten by two agents. Once there, ambulance staff tried to resuscitate him, but to no avail. He died of a heart attack at Cochin Hospital.

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That was 36 years ago. Today the name Oussekine is the name of a series offered by Disney +. Designer Antoine Chevrolet, fascinated by this story (Office of Legends) Depicts the family struggle for truth and the honor of the child. More than a tribute, it’s a memory duty for all those who were very young did not know it.

The first of four episodes to be shown at the end of the 12th edition of the Lily Series Mania Festival is a real shock. The opening sequence restores the last minutes of the student’s life. We find the usually young (Sayyid El Alam) Who leaves his Parisian studio to go to a jazz concert. On the back road, passers-by run in the wrong direction. The sound of batons is heard in the streets and announces a fateful drama.

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Tevfik Jalab, Malek Lamraoui, Kad Merad and Hiam Abbas in “Osekin”.

Expectations come after the murder. Ouskine family members who, without news the next day, have to give in to rumors or a name scratched on the radio. This uncertainty is also unbearable for the viewer, who lives closer to the characters in this episode, from the family apartment to the four walls of the morgue. Creator, screenwriter and director Antoine Chevrolet has chosen to approach this work through an intimate prism.

The series still remains politically charged, among other things, with students committing and crying in anger – who are simultaneously fighting against Devaquet’s bill. In all assembled amphitheaters, they chant the name of the victim before taking part in a minute of silence. The sequence with excellent staging is of great intensity. The project also sheds light on the government’s modus operandi to turn an ordinary student into an ideal criminal, giving him membership in a Lebanese terrorist group.

Tevfik Jalab as Malik Ousekin’s older brother, Mohammed.

Eight Handwritten – Antoine Chevrolet worked with Cedric Ido, Faiza Gwen and Julien Lilt – the story is divided into three sections. The first focuses on the night of the drama, the second follows a family battle, and the third recalls the origins of the Ouskin clan. One of the sequences Flashback Especially shows the massacre of October 17, 1961, the day when Muslims drowned in the Seine.

The TV series shines thanks to its actors. Naidra Ayad, Malek Lamraoui, Tevfik Jalab and Muna Sualem are sharp in the roles of siblings, as well as Hiam Abbas, who plays the role of a mother, one of the strongest characters. Other key asset: its relevance. Even though the story takes place in the eighties – the reconstruction of the Mitterrand era is a real success – the theme of the series is still relevant. This is one of the many strengthsOsekin.

OsekinAvailable soon on Disney +.

Source: allocine

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