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With mother Karin Wiard: A true story or a complete fiction?

Is mother Karin Ward inspired by a true story? Response elements. Warning, this article may contain spoilers.

Რ About?

Aline (Karin Wiard) never managed to mourn her son, who died in a quarrel at the age of 17. When he accidentally crosses over to his attacker (Darren Muselle), who has just been released from prison, he decides to make a plan for revenge. As crucial as it is, Alin begins to doubt it
Meet a young man.

A film inspired by real events?

The mother meets her son’s killer and takes care of getting to know him … Is this starting point inspired by real work or is it the fruit of the imagination of screenwriter and director Sylvie Odcker?

Explaining the genesis of his project, Sylvie Audkoer explains that he came across a Youtube video in which “Has an electroshock effect“. In this video we can see”An American woman in her fifties, sitting next to a young man, recounts that her son was killed. Then we hear that a young man next to her is her son’s killer …

I’m busy, Adds screenwriter and director. That this woman, too, was very religious, that when she went to prison to see this young man, that a small relationship had been established in the guest room, it was heartbreaking: how could she sit next to her son. “Killer and you talk so quietly?”

“How was this woman when I was so hard to forgive? It was these questions that made me think and I was trying to find the answer, my answer.” Concludes the film director in the film press team.

Karin Viard opposite Darren Muselle in the movie “Mother”.

More broadly, the film seeks to address the issue of forgiveness, comments Sylvie Audcoeur. “The idea of ​​the film started from this question: How to forgive? This is a question that has been bothering me for a long time. Maybe because I find it hard to make a decision. From there I said to myself: What is the worst we can encounter? And therefore the most difficult forgiveness? Someone killed our son.

This topic of forgiveness also joined another very important topic for me: the role of the mother, which was already the theme of my short film. What is a mother like? How do you support your child as a mother and how far away? So mother is a very personal story. Not in the actual sense of the autobiographical story, but in the sense of the emotions that are in the film.. “

this “Emotional camera“Allows us to find Karin Viar in an intensely dramatic role. She meets Darren Muselle, who is especially seen in Mon frères and Jeunesse Sauvage, as well as in the subtitles of the Narvo series on CANAL +. This is Sylvie Odko’s first feature film. He has also been a screenwriter for many fiction books.

The film will be released in theaters on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Source: allocine

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