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Apple Vision Pro could take 4 generations to achieve the “ideal format”

Apple Vision Pro could acquire the “ideal format” only after about four generations, with a smaller and lighter structure

Even if the Apple Vision Pro has achieved considerable repercussions in the world of technology In recent days, many see the product as a first attempt to jump-start the world of spatial computing. According to internal sources at Applethe product can take up to four generations to acquire an “ideal shape” and optimized compared to the current model.

The information was cited by well-known analyst Mark Gurman, after speaking with people from the Vision Products Group, the team responsible for developing the headset.

According to him, part of Software it’s the one that needs the most improvement, as Apple’s demos “only show what works.” In many quarters, the feeling is that the system is in a beta version, and a year away from perfecting it for consumer use.

When talking about the four-year period, the analyst refers to the physical shape of the Vision Pro, still considered heavy and too large. The ideal would be to create the product closer to traditional glasseswhich is not possible at the current stage of development.

The previous news already said so building a smaller, lighter headset would be a priority for Apple in the development of the second generation of Vision Pro. Another important point would be to reduce the price of the deviceas the current model is much more expensive than any other competitor on the headphone market.

The need for about four generations to consolidate a product is a process already seen in other Apple products, such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch, for example.

The Dual Loop Band is considered less elegant, but more comfortable (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro has already passed several analyzes in recent weeks, showing the positive and negative points in aspects such as the battery, interaction with the new VisionOS system, ergonomics and more. Gurman also used the product for a few days, highlighting some key aspects:

  • The Solo Knit Band, which appears in Apple’s advertising materials, is inferior to the Dual Loop Band. After all, the second option balances the weight of the Vision Pro on your head better, since it has superior support.
  • The cameras that capture what’s around “don’t live up to expectations” and they’re not much better than those seen on the Meta earbuds. Additionally, blurring effects can sometimes be seen as well.
  • The gesture and visual controls are great, but they don’t always work well. Sometimes you need to restart your device to regain responsiveness.
  • Due to the weight and size of the battery, the battery life of two hours is not sufficient. Furthermore, the cable may be too short in some situations.
  • Unable to reset password on Apple Vision Pro, as previous news has already demonstrated. Anyone who forgets their password will need to take the product to an authorized store, where it will be reset with potential data loss.

The first Apple headphones shipped in early February and have already sparked controversy after being used in less than ideal situations, such as traffic. He was announced in the United States with a starting price of $3,500 (approximately R$ 17.3 thousand at the current price) and there is no official forecast of marketing in other countries, which even caused problems in Germany with illegal importers.

Source: Bloomberg

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