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Waiting for Dune 2, box office disaster in the US

At the US box office from Sunday, February 9 to Sunday, February 11, 2024

1 – Argyle: $6,500,000 (Cumulative: $28,814,145)

2 – Lisa Frankenstein: $3,800,000 (New)

3 – Beekeeper: $3,469,404 (cumulative: $54,734,256)

4 – The Chosen Season 4, Episodes 1 to 3: $3,153,495 (cumulative: $12,586,806)

5 – Wonka: $3,125,000 (cumulative: $205,252,023)

6 – Migration: $3,020,000 (Cumulative: $110,149,445)

7 – Everything But You: $2,700,000 (cumulative: $80,123,903)

8 – Average Girls: $1,925,000 (Cumulative: $69,174,344)

9 – American Fiction: $1,328,948 (cumulative: $17,369,430)

10 – Poor Creatures: $1,125,000 (Cumulative: $30,276,449)

to remember

A weak weekend of releases in the US! No. 1 in the top 10 shows a very low score, with only $6.5 million. It’s a blockbuster Argyle which maintains its popular position for the 2nd week in a row and after recording a very low box office, the first big flop of 2024.

Without any significant news in this context, it leaves a lot of room for continuation. Lisa Frankenstein is the only newcomer to the top 10, in second place with a paltry $3.8 million. This comedy written by Diablo Cody does not yet have a release date in France.

The rest of the ranking is almost unchanged from last weekend. beekeeper continue Chosen one. Jason Statham stars as a former elite soldier turned beekeeper in this David Ayer action film. Everything but youOne of the unexpected successes of the beginning of the year is moving forward Girls in the woods.

Figures: Cashier Mojo

Source: Allocine

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