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Netflix’s Top 5: ‘I devoured 14 episodes in one day’ This new series puts everyone on PLS, taking first place from Griselda

Number 1: One day

Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew met on their college graduation day, July 15, 1988. They will grow up, become close and apart, experience joy and sorrow together.

Based on the novel “One Day” by David Nichols, published in 2008.

Viewer rating: 3.8/5

According to Lawrence Belleville (4/5):

“The characters in the series complement each other, both are excellent. I give it a 4 and recommend it to people with some intelligence and experience. The question of the series is what are we like in our 20s and what are we like. Are we 35 and over??”

According to Sisi75 (5/5):

“Intense, powerful and realistic. This series is a dive into the skin of each of the 2 actors. We feel both sides. Until the end… I have to warn you about the tear-filled ending. I loved all of the filming. The style, the casting, the lighting, the atmosphere.”

According to Quinqua Genere (3.5/5):

“I also devoured all 14 episodes in one day! Romantic, funny and well acted, I personally loved it.”

why does it work

David Nichols’ novel moved many readers, Anne Hathaway’s film adaptation touched sensitive hearts, and this new serialized iteration of One Day ended with the most skeptical. Thanks to its precise writing, its tortured romance, its brilliant crossover of decades and the acting duo of Ambika Modi and Leo Woodall, this 14-episode series is the nugget to start the year.

Number 2: Rael: Prophet of Aliens

Followers, detractors, and Rael himself are interviewed in this documentary series that follows the evolution of an alien-inspired religion that has become a controversial sect.

Viewer rating: 3.2/5

According to Lecter_H (4/5):

The 4-episode series is very well constructed, perfectly keeping the chronology of events. It is very rich in testimonies and images from the period and is supplemented by comments recorded today. The editing of the series is also impeccable, just perfect for respecting the facts and creating a little suspense and mystery. Honestly, it is very well packaged. Personally, I ate in one go without pausing.”

Philip G. (4/5):

4 episodes can be watched in a row in one afternoon. A lot of production facilities, which are very careful.”

According to tonyhw (4/5):

A fascinating doc in the best Netflix tradition: no commentary, no judgment, just a judicious montage of rare archival footage and interviews, giving all the characters time to express themselves freely. Shock and dismay to discover not only that the “Prophet” is still on the loose after 50 years of debauchery and all kinds of fraud, but that he still has many totally devoted followers…

why does it work

On Netflix, if there’s one genre that never disappoints, it’s documentary. Since its inception, the platform has long focused on telling crazy stories through blockbuster-like documentary series. That’s right Rael, 100% French product. Cults, aliens, manipulation… Wild Wild Country fans are going to love this story so scary it’s hard to believe it’s true. Discover our interview with the director and screenwriter.

Number 3: Griselda

A biographical film about Griselda Blanco, a savvy and ambitious Colombian businessman who created one of the most profitable cartels in history, nicknamed the “Black Widow”.

Viewer rating: 3.8/5

According to Christine D (4/5):

“Enjoyable series to watch, but with a lot of plot holes, which is a shame. While the beginning of The Godfather is very detailed, the sequel is a little too short. It deserved a little more depth. Griselda Blanco’s main character, played perfectly by Sofia Vergara, looks like Pablo Escobar’s little crook.”

According to INDY2A (4/5):

“Very good series about drug lords. Amazing Sofia Vergara. All with Scarface-style tunes. There’s something about the Tony MONTANA character. Terrible 80’s soundtrack.”

According to James Ford (3.5/5):

“Griselda doesn’t have the impact of the first season of Narcos. We know the song/beat and the editing. But Episode 6 calms down the strength of the narrative of this fierce, power-hungry woman. It remains a strong miniseries dominated by Sofia Vergara (Queen), who shows tremendous talent .”

why does it work

For the third week after its release, Griselda gave up the first place in the top Netflix series and found itself directly on the third step of the podium. The rather surprising drop started with a thunderous start to the series, which recorded 20.6 million views in just 4 days! Word of mouth seems to be dying out, despite Sofia Vergara’s stunning performance in the title role. It will be interesting to see if the streak continues in the Top 5 next week.

Number 4: Baby Bandito

The perpetrators of the biggest heist ever in Chile, Kevin and his gang find their future compromised by reckless love… and social media. Inspired by real events.

Viewer Rating: 3.5 out of 5

According to Lecter_H (2.5/5):

“The original story is really good. It’s not bad on paper, but I didn’t really like it. Still, it’s full of energy, maybe too much. Too much action, a bit disjointed, yes, it lacks the coherence and connection scenes like La Casa de papel. There’s also a problem with the actors being a bit too caricatured: very evil villains are not always believable. Young, strong youths for some, and not always with great acting.

I also think the heist is pretty cool at the beginning, but the rest is very difficult. And then the way you operate the camera, which makes you nauseous at times, backed by music that sends up decibels, has to play a role in my feelings. I find it difficult to position myself: without a bad series, I didn’t find it very exciting at all. It’s pretty much aimed at a teenage audience.”

According to Maxim V (2/5):

“Most of the cast is bad, the story is mostly enjoyable, but the direction is borderline disastrous… In short, a good monster to watch on an evening of suspense.”

According to Occiaperti (2/5):

“A bit silly and rather poorly done. Very rough editing every time, no rhythm or spacing. It all goes well with the amateur stuff in the end.”

why does it work

This Chilean series took a while to win over Netflix subscribers, but its spirit close to La Casa de Papel should have convinced the most reluctant. In addition to a good dose of action, complicated love stories, colorful characters and a fast pace, Baby Bandito is inspired by an incredible true story: the story of an extraordinary heist led by an arrogant and charismatic young criminal.

Number 5: Double Trap

When Maya, an ex-soldier, suddenly sees her husband on a spy camera, whom she thought was murdered, she discovers an assassination plot rooted in the past.

Based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name.

Viewer rating: 3.3/5

According to Herve Lacroix (4/5):

As a huge fan of Harlan Coben’s books, I have a hard time watching Serial Transposition. But at least once I was very surprised. We don’t have too many characters here, which makes this series easy to follow. There are many twists and turns that make this series very addictive, not to mention the ending which is very surprising.

According to Christobalx (3.5/5):

Double Trap, a series adapted from Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name. I read the book a few years ago, but it reminds me more of a tortured Maya. That said, we really see his plight in the last two episodes. The series is very well written and the plot is cohesive, but it continues from episode two to episode five… I almost gave up, but I was interested to see it to the end. The result is long overdue, but greatly surprises the audience!

According to bsalvert (3/5):

Harlan Coben’s series are similar (number of important characters, plot twists, etc.) and yet we are always engrossed and stuck and can’t pretend to know the ending. great success

why does it work

Double Trap continues its incredible rise to become one of Netflix’s most watched series of all time! It’s a hit we obviously didn’t see coming, but the effectiveness of Harlan Coben’s narrative system proves itself. A series that falls into the “not guilty pleasures” category for viewers!

Source: Allocine

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