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BBB | After criticism, the production improvises and creates “Sincerinho” which lasts less than 10 minutes

The production of “BBB 24” took a hit on social media after announcing this Monday (2/12) the cancellation of Sincerão. Busy with the carnival, Boninho also canceled the traditional party on Saturday (2/10) and held a smaller wall with simplified voting last Sunday (2/11). Such negligence attracted attention and drew criticism.

The initial excuse for canceling the debate was the lack of time, due to the start of the broadcasts of the fashion shows. But “BBB 24” started shortly after 9pm and lasted about 45 minutes. In other words, it was not an abridged edition.

Filled with VTs completed in advance, the program only had live interaction in the final block, when host Tadeu Schmidt improvised the so-called “Sincerinho”.

Davi Brito and Marcus Vinicius were planning to expose and explode Michel Nogueira, angel of the week and member of Puxadinho, who made several clandestine movements while hiding in interaction with the brothers, while Isabelle Nogueira intended to have a conflict with the leader Lucas “Buda ” Henrique, responsible for his indication.

Globo Improvisation

They did what they planned, but had to deal with an improvised situation from Globo.

With a reused scenario, without a “theme” and with only one minute to “draft” one’s interventions, and without the right of reply, the dynamic took place in the most concise way possible, basically just for the record. Isabelle and Lucas couldn’t even finish what they intended to say.

In fact, the scene didn’t last 10 minutes live. “Is that all?” asked the brothers who were left out of the dynamic.

Source: Terra

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