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A timely action comedy! Why should you see Autumn Boy with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt at the cinema?

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It’s the story of a stuntman, and like all stuntmen, he gets shot at, blown up, dragged, thrown out of windows, and always falls higher and higher… to the delight of the audience. After an accident that nearly ends his career, this anonymous movie hero must find a missing star, foil a conspiracy and try to win back the woman of his life, all while braving death every day on set. What’s the worst that could happen to him?

3 good reasons to see Autumn Boy

If the argument “The film is released on a public holiday” (with previews for this Tuesday evening, April 30) I won’t quite convince you, here are others.

1 – a long-standing project

The film adaptation of the TV series “Time Man” does not return to yesterday and the project carried out by David Leitch. Since 2010, the project has regularly appeared in conversations and news. Without fail, so much so that the film became one of Hollywood’s sea serpents, along with The Man Who Was Worth 3 Billion (another Lee Majors flagship).

For many, this is the end of long hardships. But it was worth the wait when we saw the result: if you don’t have to watch all 113 episodes of Fall Guy to fully appreciate Fall Guy, which only includes the initial premise (and original title), it’s very hard to deny the enjoyment of this romantic action comedy, which in every way realizes Many thanks to his actors.

2 – Barbenheimer: Act 2

Last July, they faced each other in theaters: one at the Barbie, the other at the Oppenheimer. Today, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt reunited on the same screen. With an infectious joy that should give the audience a big smile. Thirteen years after Drive, the actor in the role of a stuntman recalls that he has great comic talent with his unflinching seriousness in the most unusual situations.

And her energy, as opposed to Emily Blunt’s, gives us beautiful moments of comedy and romance. Because not only does Colt Sievers have to save a lost star, but he also has to win back the woman of his life, which turns out to be just as difficult, if not more so.

In the purest tradition of comedies “screwballs” From the golden age of Hollywood (where burlesque and live performances went hand-in-hand), Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt get the price brilliantly. Especially on the set of the sci-fi blockbuster at the intersection of Dune and Mad Max, where they settle scores in over-the-top games in costumes. And they offer one of the funniest scenes of the beginning of the year.

3 – A love letter to stuntmen

If Steven Spielberg loved this feature film, to Ryan Gosling’s surprise, we were more than expecting Tom Cruise to play him.

Because we knew the love letter to cinema (The Fabelmans, Babylon, Empire of Light) and The Fall Guy could fall into that category. More precisely, because he professes his love for the work of stuntmen, of which director David Leitch is well aware that he was one, before moving behind the camera to John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Hobbs and Shaw and Bullet Train.

In a film that is aware of its nature, where fiction and the reality of the day-to-day life of a film crew often merge, it shows behind-the-scenes stunts of various types and even uses certain crafts as narrative elements. Without the need to clean field cables and other technicians, as they are sometimes part of the scene.

Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and their double

A wonderful tribute, funny and spectacular, which continues to the end credits, showing the faces of Ryan Gosling’s students: “We generally try to maintain the suspension of disbelief so that the magic continues as one”Kelly McCormick, producer of The Fall Guy and companion of David Leitch, tells us.

“But this project seemed appropriate to show how practically we did things. That this team worked very, very hard, hand in hand, to do the special stunts in The Fall Guy.” “We decided very quickly that we wanted to celebrate the community where this story comes from”David Leitch continues. “It seems to fit the series we’re adapting.”

Stunt performers risk more than anyone without getting the recognition they deserve

“We’ve already been working with the Oscars to finally recognize stuntmen, and we felt that Fall Boy was a good way to bring them attention, alongside the in-depth work we’re currently doing.” doing “ The trouser marking that Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt also took part in last March when they arrived to present the trophy.

“Stunt performers in general are not recognized enough”– the actor tells us. “They risk more than anyone else without getting the recognition they deserve. We see for ourselves how much talent is involved in their work and how what they create is not a script or a script: they really create everything. Too often, Directors entrust them with the entire segment of the film from A to Z.

“It’s an art form that should be recognized as costume designers or makeup artists.” Besides being well-deserved, can Autumn Boy’s theatrical success change things?

Commentary collected by Maximilien Pierret in Paris on April 23, 2024

Source: Allocine

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