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“I heard about this guy injecting bee venom…”: Gerard Butler probably made the worst decision of his life on this movie.

Armed with a $120 million budget, the disaster film Geostorm marked Dean Devlin’s directorial debut with Roland Emmerich’s Money, who collaborated on the screenplay and script, Stargate, Independence Day, its sequel, or Godzilla. .

In this story, set in the near future where a network of satellites controls the climate and protects Earth’s population until the system malfunctions (obviously… a disaster, as they say), Gerard Butler plays a character named Jake Lawson. , inspired by real astronaut Mike Massimo.

After carrying more than 29 kilograms for the film, the actor decided to take a special kind of pain reliever, he told the radio station. Kiss FM UK.

“I heard about this guy injecting bee venom . . .”

“I heard about this guy who injects bee venom, because apparently it has anti-inflammatory components. So I told him, ‘Come to New Orleans, where we’re filming.'” Oh, that’s interesting, because it hurts.

He gave me ten injections and then I had the worst reaction. I had an anaphylactic shock! It was terrible, I had blisters all over my body, I got up, I felt that my heart was going to explode. But I’ll get over it and realize that he gave me ten times more.”

In fact, he had to take one dose a week for ten weeks… After four days of hospitalization, the actor returned to the set. and takes another injection: “I said: let’s try, maybe it was too much. (…) and I still have an allergic reaction. And I’m still on the way to the hospital.” Like a ruthlessness that isn’t really therapeutic…

Butler’s investment will by no means save the film from flopping at the box office, grossing over $221 million. The end of production, which was actually very chaotic, between reshoots ordered by Warner, the change in release date, and the arrival of Jerry Bruckheimer to rework the film from top to bottom.

Source: Allocine

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