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Tulla Luana, the queen of memes, feels bad after Madonna’s post: “Out of her mind”

The digital influencer’s pressure reaches its peak when she is recognized by the pop diva and dreams of a meeting in Rio de Janeiro

Singer Madonna, who is in Brazil for the closing show of the Celebration Tour in Rio de Janeiro, posted a Tulla Luana meme on her Instagram this Wednesday (1/5) and it made the Brazilian queen of memes nauseous.

The post aroused great emotion in the influencer, who felt a spike in high blood pressure after receiving the news. In an interview with Contigo! magazine, Tulla said: “I’m completely beside myself, wow, I have high blood pressure, I’m very excited and to be the first Brazilian, oh my God, even Madonna’s recognition, that’s it, friend God.” During the interview you also took her blood pressure, which was 18/0.

The digital influencer revealed his dream of meeting the artist during the show scheduled for this Saturday (4/5), on Copacabana beach. She plans to start a social media campaign to get the attention of event organizers. “I’m very excited, I cry because I can’t stop. I’m organizing a joint effort with his fans and also with my followers, waiting for this meeting”, she commented.

“My reaction would be to hug her, my God, and cry, because I’m crying a lot too and because I’m a fan. My God, I’m so beside myself, I’m completely beside myself, I’ve never seen this slogan serve so much in life like today, I’m beside myself,” he shared.

Source: Terra

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