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Fallout: “Scorching heat,” “exhausting”… Aaron Moten (Maximus) recalls the intense shooting of the Amazon Prime Video series

Amazon Prime Video offers users the opportunity to discover the Fallout series, adapted from the iconic video game of the same name. The project, which is already enjoying great success on the streaming platform, stars Aaron Moten as Maximus alongside Ella Purnell (who spoke to AlloCiné).

At the recent performance of the CANNESERIES festival, the actor at our microphone returned to this extraordinary project and this special experience…

AlloCiné: Did you play the game before you were in the “Fallout” series?

Aaron Mutten: No… but YouTube and Twitch have been a huge resource for me! In terms of scenic elements, these platforms gave me material. I should have seen the Fallout setting and stuff like that before I got into the series. Anyway, Ella and I knew the game because it is really huge (…) I was very surprised by what this world had to offer.

Were you afraid of the reaction of the fans of the game?

The stress was probably felt during filming. But it started out of wanting to do justice to the game, it became something we loved, so we hoped people would be in the same frame of mind as us. I think the fan community is usually always full of enthusiasts. There is something in love! The developers have been fans of the game since its release, which gave us confidence.

Did you train before the shooting? Did you do any stunts?

Yes! I did stunts on previous projects: tracking or handling weapons. It was the same in Fallout, but on steroids! Learning to fight was new to me. I had to make sure that my character was developed at this point because he was still only in the training stage at the beginning of the series.

“Fallout” poster is shared with recognized and popular actors like Kyle McLachlan or Walton Goggins. Was that pressure for you?

These two actors always bring something new to every shoot. It forces you to be present and ready. I’ve made this comment before about working with animals on set, in the sense that they’re alive and don’t do anything dishonest. If we are not ready to adapt to them, we will look foolish!

Playing with great actors like Kyle MacLachlan and Walton Goggins helps you. The voice actors who aren’t the main Fallout characters also have impressive resumes and are just as iconic. Being with us and seeing them work, being open and friendly… it’s like a dream and it’s more motivating than intimidating.

Was any scene in the series particularly challenging for you?

There’s a scene in the dump in episode 3 that was a challenge for me. Every shot felt like jumping off a high diving board! And since it was a 14-hour day of filming, the sweltering heat in New York was…intense! Very exhausting and at the same time I didn’t want to stop. So I took courage in both hands and told everyone that it’s okay, give me cold water so that we can all work effectively together.

Wasn’t playing with armor and helmet a limitation to convey emotion?

I didn’t wear a mask at all (…) but I had to use my body more. Our stuntman wore a full suit and I only wore the upper half of the mechanical armor (…)

In Namibia we were working on a scene where the suit hit a rock and accidentally threw me off. It took us a while to realize that I needed to do more than necessary. A big gesture gets the camera better and that was part of our apprenticeship as a stuntman and I (…) never worked like that.

Source: Allocine

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