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‘The Great Conquest’: the tarot player predicts serious health problems for the participant and who will win the Record reality show

The reality show ‘A Grande Conquista’, on Record TV, is causing a lot of controversy on social media. According to tarot player Lu Bernardi, a person could have a serious health problem during the program and he also indicated who could win the edition.

Expulsion e leaky condom were some of the controversies that surrounded the reality show”The Great Conquest” since its premiere, which took place on April 22. Now, a sensitive reveals that she has predicted that one of the participants will have a “serious” health problem during her stay in the program and also highlights who could leave as Record-breaking attraction champion. Discover!

According to the tarot reader Lu Bernardi“The Great Conquest” will not be successful and, if it becomes a public topic, it will be in a negative way. “I don’t see a great success of beautiful things and interesting content. If this program is really successful, it will be a success in reverse,” he commented in a conversation with the magazine “CONTIGO!”.

“Someone could get sick there in the next few days”

The sensitive woman also claims that the letters show that one of the participants may be suffering from a health problem. “Serious. I don’t know if it’s mental health or physical, but it’s showing that it’s a considerable thing. Someone could get sick there in the next few days,” he warned.

The predictions on the reality champions are more than accurate. After David became the winner from “BBB 24”, Lu Bernardi already imagines who could win the match on Edir Macedo’s broadcaster. The biggest possibility is that it is a man. And eventually someone who gets in touch with another person in the house will form a couple”, completed.

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