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The best original soap operas in streaming

Some people argue that soap operas are unrealistic narratives, which can distort perceptions of reality, sensationalize serious real-life problems, and reinforce negative stereotypes. However, Brazilians know the value of a good soap opera.

This form of media, which once brought entire families together in front of the television, follows the arcs of different characters in their daily lives. But now that the majority of viewers consume content via streaming, soap operas are conquering a new space.

The best original soap operas in streaming

Streaming via Oscar Nord/Unsplash

Typically television soap operas are broadcast five days a week for a long period of time, practically an entire year. Therefore, the viewer gains a sense of familiarity with the characters, creating a sense of belonging, like when we are with people we have known for a long time.

Nowadays, when considering involvement with technology, things are a little different. Online media consumption may not be as regulated as a channel’s schedule, but the feeling of belonging is still there.

Therefore, some streaming services have taken inspiration from Brazilians’ relationship with soap operas, and in addition to making classic titles from the 90s and 2000s available, some services are now creating their own soap operas. See below 3 of the best original soap operas to stream.

Fatal Beauty (maximum)

Fatal Beauty via Max/play
Fatal Beauty via Max/play

This is Max’s first soap opera production in Latin America and it already has a strong cast, including names like Camila Pitanga, Camila Queiroz, Giovanna Antonelli and Caio Blat. Written by Raphael Montes and directed by Maria de Médicis, the telenovela will only have 40 chapters.

The evil Lola (Camila Pitanga) asserts herself socially and manages to open her own beauty clinic. However, she will be the victim of the desire for revenge nourished by her niece, the protagonist Sofia (Camila Queiroz) – who starts working at her aunt’s clinic with the aim of taking revenge for the unjust incarceration of her mother, caused by her Lola .

Dona Beja (Max)

Dona Beja via Max/playback
Dona Beja via Max/playback

This Max production is in fact a remake of the telenovela written by Wilson Aguiar Filho for Manchete in 1986. The plot is based on the true story of Ana Jacinta de São José who, after suffering from heartbreak, opens a famous brothel in Minas Gerais.

The new adaptation was written by António Barreira and Daniel Berlinsky and directed by Hugo de Sousa. As for the cast, the soap opera stars Grazi Massafera, together with actors such as David Junior and André Luiz Miranda.

A Piece of Me (Netflix)

Behind the scenes of Piece of Me via Netflix/play
Behind the scenes of Piece of Me via Netflix/play

Announced as Netflix’s first original Brazilian soap opera, Pedaço de Mim began to be considered by streaming as a “melodramatic series”. Part of this change is due to the number of episodes in production, which are only 18.

Starring Juliana Paes and Vladmir Brichta, the plot follows a couple going through complications in their marriage. The telenovela was written by Ângela Chave and has the artistic direction of Maurício Farias. Other names in the cast include Paloma Duarte, Vitor Valle, Carolinie Figueiredo.

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