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Jorge Ben Jor refuses Salgueiro’s homage to the 2025 Carnival

This is the third time the singer has refused praise at the Rio de Janeiro samba school

Jorge Ben Jor rejected the opportunity to be honored in the samba Salgueiro at Carnival 2025. The irrevocable decision meant that the Rio school continued with the theme “Salgueiro de Corpo Fechado”, which explores the search for spiritual protection.

According to information from the Extra newspaper, the proposal of the carnival artist Jorge da Silveira was to present on the avenue the story of the illustrious Salgueirense fan who has just turned 85. However, the singer did not allow the school to evolve in the plot in any way.


This is not the first time that Jorge Ben Jor has refused Salgueiro’s honors. In 2008, the singer refused the invitation citing professional commitments, while the plot had already been developed by carnival artist Renato Lage with the school’s cultural department.

Another attempt occurred in 2011, when Jorge Ben Jor was involved in a huge negotiation to have his biography told to the beat of samba. Once again, the artist’s temperament hindered his dedication. At the time, rumors still indicated that he was hiding his true age, which made tributes difficult.

Source: Terra

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