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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Friday May 3, 2024 Episode Summary [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Friday 3 May at Un si grand soleil…

The investigation focuses on Anna Agera

Early in the morning, Anna Agera was called to the police station. It must be said that Captain Leoni discovered that she regularly spent evenings at the hotel with men other than her husband. Embarrassed, Anne admitted that she had spent the evening with a stranger during the theft. She also specifies that her husband knew about her infidelity. However, she claims that she has nothing to do with the house robbery, and even less with her husband’s death.

Meanwhile, Thais confides in Maeva about the discussion she had with Arno the day before. While Maeva thinks her friend did the right thing to find out, Thais regrets it and fears that she ruined everything between them. Maeva, who finds him to be a bit dramatic, is convinced that they will become friends again in time.

Meanwhile, Alex finds the stolen van in an empty lot outside of town and the science police are on the scene to collect some samples.

Not far from there, Anna meets Florent in his office and then tells him about the interview with Captain Leon. Although the lawyer criticizes her for not telling him the whole truth, Anna confirms that Philip knew about her escape and that she accepted the situation. From now on, Anna fears that the police are interested in her personal life instead of looking for the real criminals. So Florenti advises her to tell Arno the truth before the police do it for her.

Returning home, Annie confesses the whole truth to Arno. It was a heavy blow for the young man who always knew that his stepfather only married him for money. Although she swears it’s not true, Arno refuses to believe her.

At the police station, Manu and Commissioner Becker investigate the investigation. According to Manu, Anna could have told Philip about the safe with her lover, and he wanted to explore that lead. Just then, Alex joins them and informs them that he managed to identify the driver of the van using the city’s surveillance cameras.

Elizabeth does her Mea Culp

In the morning, Ekaterine calls Boris, hoping to resolve the situation. Although he understands her anger, the latter still believes that an alliance with Elizabeth will not solve anything. Indeed, Catherine is sure that the businessman is using his son for his own interests. According to him, he will take away everything they have. Boris, who doesn’t believe it at all, then reminds them that they spent time using it before declaring it over.

In turn, Alain asks Elizabeth if she invited Flore and Tiago to dinner just to please her. The businessman confirms this, but says that he really wants to. Even if there was tension between her and Flor, Elizabeth admits that she has a share of responsibility in the story and wants to forgive. Elizabeth also takes advantage of this discussion to make her mea culpa. Although Allen’s betrayal has hurt her immensely, Elizabeth realizes that if she had been there more often, none of this would have happened. In the future, Elizabeth promises to be much more vigilant, even if she risks a lot of work in the coming weeks. As he takes her hand, Allen promises to wait for her.

Meanwhile, Francois asks Lorin to talk to her brother, but the young woman refuses, believing that it would be useless. He then informs his father that they have gone too far with him and that they have lost him.

At L. Cosmétiques, Élisabeth announces to Berthier and Léonore that she remains president of BNL Innovation and that Boris will be her deputy director. Relief for company employees.

Francois asks Claudine to find a way to undo the merger. Claudine then informs her that she has no choice but to contact Elizabeth to find common ground.

At the end of the day, Lorin calls her brother and tells him that the house is a disaster. That is why she begs him to reconcile with their parents so that it can stop. However, Boris replies that he doesn’t want to see them again before hanging up.

Source: Allocine

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