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‘A Grande Conquista 2’: Guipa and Poliana create atmosphere at home by arguing over food

The atmosphere soured between Guipa and Poliana in ‘A Grande Conquista 2’, a reality show on Record, after the girl ate too much meat

With overcrowding in homes ‘The Great Conquest 2’, reality Record TV, food fights are becoming more and more frequent. On the night of this Friday 03/05, while everyone was tense for the resistance test, Poliana he would have entered the house to eat and would have ended up taking a piece of meat more than what was agreed.

After learning that he was taking more, Guipa He did not remain calm and went to get satisfaction, as well as telling the whole situation to the people in the greenhouse. However, she didn’t like the way he criticized her at all. In conversation with Danishthe villager underlined:

“Your friend, simply in the most tense moment of a testing decision, took the meat. She is the first in line, the first to complain of being hungry… why does she have to share it with me and not with the doll? What does she do? difference for me?”.

He cried!

Poliana at that moment couldn’t resist and shouted crying: “I’m sorry everyone, it’s a horrible feeling… why do it? It seems I’m the only one who made a mistake.” His allies agree that Guipa exaggerated his reaction. Despite this, Casa Verde members met and discussed the entire situation. See another bullshit:

Source: Terra

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