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Remember the heartthrob from ‘A Crazy Friday’? She is 42 years old and appears in “The Mother of the Bride”

“Mother of the Bride” is Netflix’s new romantic comedy and its story centers around Lana, a woman who accompanies her daughter to Thailand to get married. However, when she meets RJ, the young woman’s fiancé, she realizes that he is the son of her old college friend, Will, which creates an atmosphere of tension.

Chad Michael Murray Loves Audiences in Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride’

Some of the actors involved in it are Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove and Benjamin Bratt, but what no one expected was to see the attractive actor Chad Michael Murray. In the film he plays Lucas, a young doctor who meets Lana at the hotel where she is staying and who catches her attention from the start.

While his name may not be immediately familiar, he is the celebrity who stole everyone’s sighs with his handsomeness in the 2003 film Brazil Friday, playing Jake, Anna Coleman’s romantic interest.

As if that wasn’t enough, the New York native also appeared in 2004’s ‘The New Cinderella’ alongside Hilary Duff, playing Austin, a prominent American football player who ends up falling in love with protagonist Sam over an email exchange. .

When he was working on the Disney film, the actor was around 22 years old and now, at 42, he has shown that he looks better than ever. Her name started trending on social media shortly after “The Bride’s Mother” premiered.

Thousands of netizens, who were in love with his physique more than 20 years ago, commented that Chad has become like fine wines and were quick to compliment how good he looks.

“Wow, wow, I didn’t know the movie would be so interesting”, “Chad is still just as handsome, OMG the excitement I had for him is back”, “I fell in love again”, “Is it just me or did he get more handsome “, “I’m a big fan of 40-year-old Chad Michael Murray,” “That actor has never looked better,” “Just because he looks, I’m going to see the movie, he’s a great guy,” or “I’ve erased Chad from my memory for a long time “. years and thanks to the film my love for him returned”, were some of them.

Although many would have thought that Chad had been away from the big screen for years and returned for ‘Mother of the Bride’, it turns out that he never left acting and has appeared in more than 50 films and series since his debut in 2000. between of which ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’, ‘The Fortress’, ‘Riverdale’ and ‘The House of Wax’ stand out.

What do you think of the now 42-year-old actor? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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