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Discreet, Joana talks about her relationship with a Catholic singer: ‘I found the right person’

Celebrating 45 years of career, the artist says her stepson is her “child at heart” and that “motherhood is a choice and a blessing”

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Very discreet in her personal life, Joanna, 67, opened up about her three-year relationship with Catholic singer Karen Keldani, 45. The artist reveals that he has found his soulmate. “I searched a lot and found the right person”He said.

I like getting married, being together. This is so important, it gives balance to our lives. Of course we have to find the right person. And all our lives we try to find the right person. Sometimes people arrive in the 45 minutes of the second half. And I think it’s come into my life. I really believe in the meeting of souls,” she said in a podcast interview talking parrotof the actor and comedian Sérgio Mallandro.

During the recording, the comedian asked what Joanna’s seduction technique is. “My powerful weapon is my gaze. But I can’t watch anymore. I looked, I already won. Now I don’t look anymore, otherwise I’ll take it (laughs)”he replied.

Last month, Joanna showed off a bit of her privacy on social media while celebrating Karen’s biological son Pedro’s 10th birthday. “He is the child of my heart. Motherhood is a choice and a blessing. I am the godmother of two nurseries, in Rio and another in the Northeast. I also feel like a mother to these more than one hundred children,” Joanna revealed to the newspaper Extra.

Joana says she lives her spirituality in a very particular way and without external demands. “I don’t feel obligated to go to church every Sunday. My temple is perennial, it is always active within me. I build my church every day, in my room, on the edge of my bed”, says she, a devotee of Our Lady of Fatima, from whom she received her baptismal name.

45 years of career

To celebrate 45 years of career, the singer launched the project “Joanna and them”, which has already started recording. “The first single, featuring Roberta Campos, is ‘ Quando te vi ‘, Ronaldo Bastos’ version of the Beatles song. It will be released at the end of this month. Until December we will publish other recordings, one per month, with new female names in Brazilian music. Kell Smith and Bruna Viola have already been confirmed, other invitations are pending. In the end we will make a big DVD with all the participants,” she explains to the Rio newspaper.

In her career, Joana has already achieved 25 successes in soap operas. The artist highlights the song “Momentos”, which appeared in “Bebê a Bordo” (1988), and “A Padroeira”, the opening theme of the work of the same name, presented between 2001 and 2002.. The singer also underlines her participation in the special “80s woman”, on TV Globo, with interviews and musicals that addressed the female role in society. Names such as: Maria Bethânia, Fafá de Belém, Zezé Motta, Simone, Rita Lee and Gal Costa, Marina Lima and Zezé Motta participated in the initiative.

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7 times the LGBTQIA+ community has demonstrated that Brazil’s shirt is also theirs

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