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“Am I just mean?” : The day Alan Rickman asked the creator of Harry Potter for help

Warning, spoilers! This article reveals the main plot elements of the Harry Potter saga.

For a decade, Alan Rickman played the iconic Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter saga. The apparent executioner of the young hero, played by Daniel Radcliffe in his school years, still hid a secret and completely different intentions than he could have imagined, the one who was actually an ally and who only protected his son, who was always there. He loved Voldemort and his subjects.

Answering questions from fans in an interview recorded on his website and transcribed by the Times of London, J.K. Rowling described how Alan Rickman Confused about his character’s motives before finally revealing them.

He called me and said, “Look, I’m juggling here. Do I really need to know what Snape is doing? Am I just a bad boy?’ He’s the only person I’ve ever said, “You were in love with Harry’s mother.”

He continued: “I explained to him: you are a double agent. But you don’t like Harry. You can’t get past your rather visceral hatred for this boy who looks like your sworn enemy.’ So I told Alan Rickman what was going to happen long before the movies.

Snape’s fate

Alan RickmanIn 2016, the unforgettable Professor Snape, potions master of the successful book series in eight films, died. A character that fans loved especially after his secret was revealed, he was one of the main characters who was eventually killed off in the saga. Rowling He also shared his anxiety about having to get rid of the characters he created.

I don’t like killing off characters, but that’s part of life, right? Killing Snape was horrible. I always knew he was going to go. I couldn’t wait to see Lupine and Tonks die, it was so sad. Oh and Freddy.

Rowling He says he currently has two books left to write in his bestselling detective series Cormoran StrikeAnd six books in total. He is the world’s most successful author, with over 600 million books sold to his name.

To rediscover Alan Rickman’s masterful performance in the Harry Potter film saga, head over to VOD.

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