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Course to create a unicorn startup? The investor says it’s a fraud

One of the creators of Cubo, Flavio Pripas is not afraid to expose the deceptions of magic formulas for success


Flavio Pripas spoke about the lack of restraint in founding a startup and the fragile appearances of entrepreneurship. He shared lessons learned from life’s downfalls, emphasizing that there is no magic formula for success.

Stop reading this text for a minute and search on Instagram or TikTok for “how to open a startup”. Go there, I’ll wait for you.


So, what did you find? I would be willing to bet that among the contents that appear there are words like “easy”, “fast”, “secrets”, “success”, “x steps”. It seems that the wonderful universe of unicorns has been hacked and only those who are too soft do not become rich – after all “you just need to want it”.

“The other day I saw a ‘fund a unicorn’ course. Anyone who buys is stupid and anyone who sells is a scammer. It’s very difficult to create a successful startup,” Flavio Pripas said in a candid podcast interview Valle del Supplicio.

There is a reason for this lack of moderation: general partner of Staged Ventures, in addition to having built a corporate career, founded startups, helped design Cubo – one of the epicenters of Brazilian innovation – and leader of Experience Club Miami, himself he is an investor.

Pripas also addressed the fragility that permeates the world of entrepreneurship, the questionable conduct of investors and errors in decision-making. Let’s not waste time, I promise you, with any magic formula (which, precisely because it is magical, can only be unreal) for enrichment and success. These, as it could not be otherwise, are the result of the combination of many ingredients: intelligence, technique, humility, starting point, vision and even randomness (and what to do with it).

Even if there is no recipe for the cake, on the board (Don’t) learn by example, Pripas shared what no course, much less a 60-second TikTok video, can teach: lessons learned from life’s mistakes. And I summarize them here:

The myth of the perfect business strategy

“This no longer exists. In startup school we draw based on how the Earth rotates. What will the world be like in 5 years? So I start from the assumption that we only live in a world with blind spots. Nothing like this is written with iron and fire , nothing that is written cannot be changed if it makes sense to change it.”

Sixth Sense

“I am a very skeptical person. I don’t believe in the sixth sense, intuition. But I believe that all the experience we live in life is accumulated in our brain, which is a wonderful machine for creating correlations between cause and effect. What we call intuition or sixth sense, after all, is our perfect machine that works and shows us the best paths at that moment and this does not mean that we should not challenge it, not even, the path that is our machine by putting in front of us So that critical layer it is important to see if the past experience is valid again.”

Biggest career mistake

“The biggest mistake in my career was not opening myself up to other professional experiences. I should have tried new companies when I was younger, before deciding to start a business, because I would have accumulated a lot more baggage.”

A (humble) piece of advice from me

Luggage. Remember to check this reference when choosing who to listen to for success tips.

Adriano Marchesini He is a journalist specializing in IT, business and health and co-founder of the Essense agency, which has supported more than 100 companies in creating narrative and multiplatform content for business. WithSilvia Noara Paladino

, created the podcast Vale do Splício, which tells stories of entrepreneurs who say little, but do a lot. Listen on Spotify.

Source: Terra

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