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Tonight on TV: Sergio Leone didn’t want to direct this cult western

Sergio Leone’s other great western

In 1970 Sergio Leone filmed Once upon a time there was a revolution. This spaghetti western, set in the context of the Mexican Revolution, is not yet the second part of Sergio Leone’s other great trilogy. After the phenomenon, Once upon a time in the West, Once upon a time there was a revolution was underrated upon its release in 1971 but gains recognition over the years. And since the 1984 release of the masterpiece Once upon a time in AmericaSergio Leone’s western “zapata” continues to amplify its cult status.

Sergio Leone reluctant

However, Sergio Leone came close to not directing this film. In fact, if he develops the project from the production ofOnce upon a time in the West in 1968 and wrote the screenplay with Sergio Donati and Luciano Vincenzoni, he does not want to direct it. His reluctance can be explained in particular, on the one hand, by the fact that the Italian director believes he has explored the western genre and wishes to explore other cinematographic horizons. On the other hand, after the triumphs of The good, the bad and the ugly AND Once upon a time in the WestSergio Leone is under pressure for the result.

John H. “Sean” Mallory (James Coburn) – There was a revolution
John H. “Sean” Mallory (James Coburn) – Once Upon a Revolution ©United Artists

As reported in Spaghetti Western: cowboys and Europeans from Karl May to Sergio Leone by Christopher Frayling, Sergio Leone then proposed to Peter Bogdanovich, but the relationship did not end well. Sam Peckinpah was approached, but to no avail.

Sergio Leone, thinking that his usual assistant director Giancarlo Santi could reproduce his visual style, took over the first ten days of shooting toOnce upon a time there was a revolution. But under the pressure of the studios and the casting that requested it, Sergio Leone ended up reluctantly accepting the production.

A great success in France and Italy

Self Once upon a time there was a revolution do not compete with Once upon a time in the Westwhich attracted almost 15 million viewers in French cinemas, however, it convinces more than 4.7 million. In Italy he has a total of 6 million visitors. A great success for the latest western directed by Sergio Leone.

Source: Cine Serie

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