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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Monday 13 May 2024 Episode 923 [SPOILERS]


Everything starts here on Monday, May 13…

Judy confronts Mateo’s friends

Jude decided to make a surprise for his friend. So he suddenly goes to Chez Leonin, but Matteo. When he arrives, he notices that the latter is late in his preparations. So he rushes to help her.

Judy takes the opportunity to tell her boyfriend about the extremely tense situation with the institute’s new director. He confides in Matteo that Annabelle Cardone misbehaves with the students and that she creates a climate of fear.

Judy asks Mateo if he will accept her help with the lunch service. The latter replies that his rugby friends should come over for lunch and that macho, even homophobic remarks are likely to flow freely. Judy reassures Mateo, telling him that he will not make ambiguous gestures and therefore his friends will not know anything about their relationship.

At lunch, Soan, a young man who had a fight with Jude a few days ago, is disrespectful of the menu and the restaurant’s decor. Jude tries his best to remain calm.

After the service, Judah asks Soan to challenge him with arrows, and he accepts. Victory to Judah! As a result, Mateo’s friends have to wash dishes and clean up. Judah is proud of himself.

Leonardo, Cardoni’s new target

At the Auguste Armand Institute, Leonard must complete the preparation of a hundred appetizers on time. Billy offers to help him, but the young man refuses because he wants to make a good impression on Chef Cardone.

Suddenly, the new headmaster enters the kitchen and notices that Leonard has not finished cooking yet. She belittles him again, telling him that he’s nowhere near being a chef if he’s progressing at this rate.

In his defense, Leonard replies that he only got three hours of sleep, but Annabelle doesn’t want to hear anything: “Stop making excuses for yourself. When we make a mistake, we take responsibility for it and apologize.” Leonard is forced to apologize to his boss. Billy, watching the scene, defends his friend, but Cardone tells him: “Do you want to do 300 for tomorrow too?”

Later, Leonard musters up the courage to ask her why she is so angry with him. He replies that he does not like lazy people, moreover, they are also party people.

Billy and Berenia meet Leonard waking up from his sleep. He confides to his friends that he has not done all the appetites, but only those that were not perfect. Will Cardone notice?

In order to support Leonard, Bill is determined to find the new director’s weak point and therefore hit him where it hurts. A young woman wants to make a plan with Leonard and Berenice. This plan now has a name: “The Resistance Club”.

Did Letitia cheat on Kelly?

In Brittany, tension grows between Kelly and Zacharias. And for good reason, they hadn’t heard anything about Laetitia the night before. A young woman tries to contact her mother on the phone, but there is no answer. So he asks Lionel and Salome to help them find Letitia. The four called area hospitals and checked social media, but to no avail.

A few minutes later, Salome asks Kelly if she still has the lead in the race or if she would rather drop out. In an attempt to appease his girlfriend, Lionel offers to look for Laetitia while she takes part in the cooking test, but Kelly prefers to accompany him.

Half an hour later, the crews and jury are on the scene, but Kelly is missing. The elder Delobel has no choice but to begin the test without the young woman. But it’s impossible for Kelly’s brigade to start without their leader. So the clerks have to wait.

Meanwhile, in the town of Dinar, Kelly and Lionel find Letitia’s car parked in front of a club. Inside is a young woman and she doesn’t look in good shape. Kelly asks her mom if she had too much to drink, but she says no.

Relieved, but irritated by her mother’s behavior, Kelly quickly returns to the pageant site. He finally starts the test after a few minutes delay. The exam is over and the tasting can begin. At the end of this, the verdict is in: Lenglart has 6 points, Jasmine has 5 points, and Kelly only gets 2 points.

A few minutes later, Teissier warns Kelly that she needs to invest a lot more in the competition. At the same time, Laetitia joins her daughter and explains that she has a memory lapse of what happened the night before. He wonders if he’s been poisoned, but Kelly doesn’t believe him.

At the end of the day, Lenglart takes Kelly to task to destabilize him once again. She tells him that her mother lied about being fired by Chef Rossetti three years ago. is he telling the truth If so, what is Laetitia’s secret?

Source: Allocine

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