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10 most famous fictional cities in films and series

One of the beauties of cinema is imaginary cities created in fantasy story worlds. In some cases, audiences wish they existed in real life, but they are creations of the imagination and designed to serve as stunning settings that contribute to the plot of the story.

Fictional cities play an important role in the plot and influence the atmosphere and character development. The settings of some of the most beloved fictional worlds, such as Hogwarts in “Harry Potter,” create an enchanted environment where fans wish shooting stars were real.

With this fictional universe in mind, below is a list of 10 famous fictional cities that create story settings in the world of television and film, where technology, fantasy, science fiction, and magical elements intertwine in exciting adventures.


Capital of the entire Old Galactic Republic galaxy, Coruscant is a city-planet with air traffic flows, many skyscrapers, and home to a diversity of citizens and cultures in the Star Wars saga.

During the Galactic Empire it was called the Imperial Center. The entire planet is covered by the urban and technological structure that governs power over the Republic and the Empire. This is where the Jedi Temple and the Galactic Senate are located, from where decisions are made about the direction of the vast space nation.


City of Metropolis, from Superman

Metropolis is a fictional city located in the United States, appearing in the stories of the DC Comics universe and serving as the home of the famous superhero Superman.

It is often depicted as a modern metropolis and is a major setting for “Man of Steel” comics, films, cartoons and other media. Metropolis is a mix of cultures and people, like every big city in the world.


Scene from the movie Back to the Future

The city was created as the main setting for the Back to the Future trilogy (1985, 1989 and 1990). Hill Valley is depicted in various time periods, from the 1880s to the 2010s.

Over the course of the films, the fictional city undergoes significant changes in its appearance and social landscape, reflecting the different eras visited by the characters. The trilogy explores the consequences of changing the past and the impact this has on the city’s future.


City of Springfield, scenes from The Simpsons

Springfield is a common name for towns and cities and appears in numerous locations around the world. However, Springfield is also a fictional town on The Simpsons.

The animated television series is one of the longest-running and most influential in history, having aired since 1989. The location parodies the suburban dream, suffers greatly from pollution and is known for numerous landmarks, characters and amusing situations that contribute to the The series’ enduring popularity.


Fictional city from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sagas

Created by British writer JRR Tolkien, Rivendell is an enchanted fictional place in Middle-earth and home to the Elves.

It is a hidden retreat on the also fictional continent of Middle-earth, near the Misty Mountains, a place that plays a significant role in the film trilogies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

In Brazil, Rivendell is also known as Rivendell and is led by Lord Elrond, who provides assistance to the members of the Fellowship of the Ring and the destruction of the One Ring.


Capital, fictional city of The Hunger Games

The Capital in the books and films of the Hunger Games saga is called the Capitol, the central city and center of power in the fictional nation of Panem, a post-apocalyptic country divided into 12 districts and led by President Snow.

The Capitol is known for its extravagant lifestyle and people accustomed to luxury, advanced technology, and the annual holding of the Hunger Games, a bloody diversion that serves to show the country where the people should stay.


View of Gotham City, from Batman

Gotham City is gray and features Gothic architecture in most of its historic buildings.

Better known as the home of Batman, it is another fictional city in the DC Comics universe and one of the most iconic in comic book history.

Notorious for corruption, filled with dark alleys, rail lines that cut through the suburbs, poverty, vermin infestations, pollution and countless crime waves, it is one of the state’s largest cities and one of its most decadent.


Scene from the film The Wizard of Oz

The fictional Emerald City has become a symbol of the magical and fantastic world of the magical land of Oz. He appeared in several adaptations, including the iconic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland.

Emerald City is described as a magnificent, shining place, and as the name suggests, everything in the city is green. Its ruler is initially the Wizard of Oz, a powerful but mysterious figure.


Scene from the Harry Potter film

Created by writer JK Rowling, Hogsmeade serves as a major setting for several events in the Harry Potter film series.

The fictional village in Britain is known for its welcoming and magical atmosphere and is a popular destination for Hogwarts students during their visits. The main street of the small village is full of shops selling sweets, magical products and numerous pubs selling the famous butterbeer.


Scene from the Matrix movie

Far below the devastated surface of planet Earth lies Zion, the fictional city depicted in the Matrix trilogy. The story features a dystopian city where intelligent machines rule and hold humanity captive.

Zion is humans’ last hope to escape the Matrix. The place serves as a refuge for those who have freed themselves from the illusion of the Matrix and is the stage of crucial events in the fight against the machines that dominate the surface and enslave millions of human beings.

Imagination is the home of imaginary cities

And, within these imaginary urban scenarios, which play an important role in their respective stories, we preserve splendid images of lush gardens and vegetation, magical, fantastic and glamorous cities (others not so much).

They have become part of a wild and fantastic world that many would like to live in. Unfortunately, fans can’t hop on a plane or cross an interdimensional bridge to see these magical destinations up close, but they can certainly dream.

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