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New “Baby Reindeer” Privacy Protection Law Could Give Netflix a Headache

A bill currently under discussion in the British parliament provides for the protection of people portrayed in the country’s audiovisual productions. The proposal could end up having an impact on the series Little reindeerfrom Netflix, which tells how comedian Richard Gadd was chased for years by a stalker.

Due to the progress of the law, the British government has alerted Netflix to the situation. The series did not reveal the true identity of Gadd’s abuser, nicknamed Martha Scott in the story.

However, a Scottish lawyer named Fiona Harvey claimed in an interview to be the source of inspiration for the plot. She made the statement on host Piers Morgan’s YouTube show, but she denied Gadd’s allegations and said the series made up stories.

To the website expiration, a UK government spokesperson says UK broadcasters are subject to rules that protect audiences, contributors and other stakeholders. The idea of ​​the new project is to apply the same legislation to streaming platforms, including Netflix, which would allow a Harvey lawsuit to be opened against the company.

According to the British authorities, the bill is expected to be put to the vote only in 2025. The information comes from Omelette.

The series is available on Netflix (Image: advertisement/Netflix)

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