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Un Si Grand Soleil: Anna is arrested by the police

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for future episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

The future looks bleak for Anna (Anais Gilbert) in Un si grand soleil.

It must be said that after the death of her husband Philip (Rafael Almosny), Anna will be in the police’s sight. Between multiple infidelities and a spy found on her husband’s phone, the latter ticks all the boxes for the perfect culprit.

But it’s an e-mail found on Philippe’s computer that could lead to his downfall during the next episodes of the daily soap opera France 2. In fact, investigators will find an e-mail written by Philippe the day before his death to his notary. In it, the deceased wants to disinherit his wife and appoint his son as the sole heir of his property.

Obviously, it wouldn’t take much for the Montpellier police to believe that Anne killed her husband to get the inheritance. And suffice it to say, the next few days will be particularly difficult for Philip’s widow.

Anna was placed in the police station

In A new copy is available on the france.tv platformThe atmosphere is particularly tense among the Ageras. It must be said that Anna is at her wits’ end and can’t stand Arnaud (Paul Comerier) blaming her for Philippe’s death.

While Anna and Arno are about to argue once more, Captain Leon (Moses Santamaria) knocks on the door to arrest her. As she tries to figure out what it all means, Manu explains to her that she is suspected of complicity in a violent robbery that led to her husband’s death.

it does not matter,” he protests before continuing, “I’m not leaving here until you tell me exactly what you’re accusing me of.“Unfortunately, Manu leaves her no choice and asks her to follow him to the police station.

Is Anne responsible for Philip’s death?

The answer is no! In the episode, which will air on May 17, the police will interrogate Bourde, the thief. According to the information Current news, he finally admits that it was a certain Sylvain who met him in Philip’s safe. And this Sylvain is none other than Arno’s friend.

Could it be that the two young men conspired against Anna to get Philip’s money back? Everyone seems to believe so. The episode ends with Arno telling his friend, “He is. Everything is going as planned“There really isn’t enough to leave room for doubt…

In the columns of Télé Star magazine, on newsstands this week, we can also read: “Neither Ann nor Thais imagine for a second that Arno could be involved in Philip’s death. But after the reconstruction, an item connected to Cedric puts Thays on alert. He talks about it to Arno, who enters. Upon learning of her suspicions, Cedric orders Arno to get rid of Tais Information that does not bode well for the future.

Will the police finish off the real criminals before it’s too late? Answer soon in Un si grand soleil.

Source: Allocine

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