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Jeniffer Nascimento suffers allergic reaction after eating lobster: ‘Desperate’

Jeniffer Nascimento denounced the situation through social media

Jennifer Nascimento surprised by revealing a severe allergic reaction after consuming lobster. The actress, known for her social media presence, shared unfiltered photos showing her puffy face as she warned about the dangers of food allergies.

The situation was especially alarming for Jeniffer, who had always included seafood in her diet, even during pregnancy. However, this was the first time she had experienced such an intense allergic reaction.

He detailed the rapid progression of symptoms, from sneezing to facial swelling and difficulty breathing. “I started to have no voice, with a dry throat, almost with a closed glottis. Thank God I had time to get to the hospital. It was something desperate”, she said.

After seeking emergency medical attention, Jeniffer received the necessary treatment and is now home. She now plans to continue treatment and consult an allergist to avoid future complications.

Watch his video!

Source: Terra

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