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Golden iPhone | What are the most expensive cell phones in the world?

Find out which are the most expensive cell phones in the world, which have become personal objects of footballers and digital influencers

Ostentatiousness is something that still attracts a lot of public attention, and when we use the term, it’s very common to see the association with the gold iPhone. After all, the product developed by Caviar, manufacturer of luxury accessories, is the dream of many artists, be they singers, footballers or digital influencers, even if it costs more than R$ 25,000 in its “simplest” version. But are there only iPhones in this luxurious format?

FreeGameGuide investigated which models will go on sale in May 2024 and can be purchased from anywhere in the world, including Brazil. We narrowed our search to only models made by a company with a positive reputation in the luxury market.

The most expensive iPhone in the world

OR iPhone 15 Pro Max Diamond Snowflake White is the most expensive cell phone in the world today, but there are “justifications” for this. The product, developed by Caviar, is inspired by the Snowflake Graff necklace, created by the English jeweler Laurence Graff.

Its body is entirely covered in 18k white gold, as well as 570 individually glued diamond stones throughout its housing. Internally it offers all the features of the standard model.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Diamond Snowflake (Image: Reproduction/Caviar International)

Therefore, the product has a 6.7-inch OLED screen, 120 Hz refresh rate, USB-C connection, 8 GB of memory RAM and A17 Pro processor. The smartphone Applein its diamond and white gold version, it costs 572,790 dollars (~R$2.9 million), alternatively with 1 TB of internal space.

The most expensive Android phone in the world

In addition to Apple, Caviar also has a strong partnership with SAMSUNG. With this, millionaire South Korean fans won’t need to surrender to Apple to get their hands on luxury models. OR Galaxy S24Ultra Pure Gold has its most focused visual decoration on the back, which is entirely 18k gold, with reliefs inspired by the Corinthian order of classical architecture.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Pure Gold (Image: Reproduction/Caviar International)

Furthermore, 8 natural Кр-57 diamonds weighing 0.2 carats are applied to the mobile phone. Its configurations follow the standard of the model, with Dynamic AMOLED 2X at 120 Hz, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy and 12 GB of RAM. The luxury model, with 1 TB of storage, is priced “more modestly” than Apple’s handset, selling for $74,070 (~R$379,000).

iPhone Gold: Celebrity Favorite Device

It’s common to see news reports of celebrities sporting luxury accessories. Proof of this is that, in 2021, digital influencer Carlinhos Maia went viral on the Internet after showing an unusual gift: the iPhone 12 Pro Max of gold, an object worth R$ 120 thousand. Despite all the controversies related to the object, the Instagrammer “contributed” to making the price of famous millionaires’ smartphones known to the public.

Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max that Carlinho Maia received as a gift in 2021 (Image: Reproduction/Inatragram)

In 2023, another cell phone that caught the public’s attention was the one that Argentine player Lionel Messi gave to his friends in the team. After winning the World Cup in Qatar, the Inter Miami striker purchased 35 gold-plated iPhone 14 Pros, personalized with the name and number of each player from the company Idesign Gold. It is estimated that each smartphone costs more than R$24,000, for a total investment of R$1 million.

iPhone 14 Pro of the Argentine team (Image: Reproduction/Idesign Gold)

But it is not only artists who exhibit objects of such value. It recently went viral Twitter the story of an influencer couple — with more than 1 million followers — who boasted luxury trips and a gold iPhone, purchased in Dubai.

Even criminals like a gold iPhone

However, it is not the fact of having all this glamor that attracts attention, but rather how the couple managed to reach this level. According to the Civil Police, during the “Tyche” operation, young people aged 21 and 22 were discovered to be involved in digital gambling, popularly known as the “Tigrinho Game”.

Both were taken to the Guarapari police station, Espírito Santo, and charged. The crimes reported are: crime against the popular economy (from 6 months to 2 years of imprisonment and fine) and promotion of gambling (warning or suspension of activity for up to six months).

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