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Who is the woman Benedict is having an affair with in ‘Brigerton 3’? It’s not like in the books

Although the third season of “Brigerton” is focused on the romance between Colin and Penelope Featherington, there is another story that is grabbing the audience’s attention: that of Benedict Bridgerton.

In the third book of the “Bridgerton” saga, entitled “I Give You My Heart”, the protagonist is the second brother of the aristocratic family. However, Netflix decided to go for Colin and Penelope, which was a major twist. However, the company did not completely forget about this heartthrob, since it introduced a romance that could modify the original plot.

Before you read on, please note that this article contains spoilers for the series and the books.

Lady Tilley Arnold, New ‘Bridgerton 3’ Character And Her Romantic Interest With Benedict

In the new chapters of ‘Brigerton 3’ it is revealed that the characters are attending a hot air balloon show. Upon arrival, Benedict devotes himself to avoiding young single women and their mothers, who try to get his attention so he can look for a husband.

Although he doesn’t succeed at first, he manages to get into a scene where the balloon’s creator gives an explanation for the transfer. Benedict thinks he will be safe there because there are only men, but to his surprise, he finds a woman, Lady Tilley Arnold.

As they exchange small talk, she mentions that she is a widow and the two banter effortlessly, which catches Benedict’s attention to the point where he wants to flirt with her. So both of them start having sexual relations in secret and, in front of the society, they pretend not to know each other to avoid suspicion about their love.

This has led many to wonder if she will be his romantic interest in the series and if they will make it to the altar. The strange thing is that Lady Tilley Arnold does not appear in the books written by Julia Quinn.

“Widowed at a young age, she enjoys the perks and power that come with being in charge of her ex-husband’s estate, living life on her own terms with financial independence and sexual freedom, as described by Netflix, according to gate. ” Deadline’.

Who is Benedict Bridgerton’s partner according to the books?

Although the series suggests that in the upcoming episodes premiering in June, Lady Tilley and Benedict will continue to meet, their status is currently unknown.

According to the books, Benedict falls in love with a masked woman at a ball. Although he tries to arrange a meeting with her to learn her identity, he is unsuccessful. Soon after, it is revealed to the reader that the lady in question is Sophie Beckett, the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Penwood, who lives with her abusive stepmother Araminda.

When he learns of her condition, Benedict helps her by offering her a job as a servant in his house, which she accepts. On one occasion, when the young man falls ill, Sophie takes care of him devotedly. From that moment they both start to feel a strong attraction, although he is unaware that Sophie is the girl he talked to at the prom.

Soon after, the secret is revealed about Sophie’s presence at the dance and her interaction with Benedict, leading to their engagement as husband and wife. This union marks the first time a Bridgerton has mated with someone from a different social class. In the end, they have three sons and a daughter: Charles, Alexander, William and Violet.

The inclusion of Lady Tilley Arnold in the plot of “Brigerton 3” could bring with it a modification in Benedict’s love story, but this can be confirmed by the development of the next episodes arriving in June.

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Source: univision

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