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Lady Whistledown and other characters’ most scandalous lines in ‘Bridgerton’ season 3

The first part of the third season of “Brigerton” arrived on Netflix on May 16, and with it more of the gossip that Lady Whistledown writes about the richest families in London, in addition to the mischief that characterizes her.

Not only her, but also other characters such as Cressida, Lord Debling or Eloise gave us some of the sharpest or most scandalous phrases of the season and here we leave you the best.

The most scandalous phrases from the first part of ‘Bridgerton 3’

“Even a broken watch is fine twice a day,” Lady Featherington.

Lady Featherington mentions this to Walter Douglas when he questions that his cousin Jack left the house to the first male child of one of said lady’s daughters.

“This writer wonders if her indecision is a symptom of fortitude or fear,” said Lady Whistledown.

Lady Whistledown, as is her wont, challenges the queen to choose a new diamond in the first chapter, which upsets the monarch, especially since the author assures that “pride in her past achievements will do her no good,” though she also acknowledges that : “It is said that fools are quick to judge and that the wise watch and wait.”

“Although some are dismissed as ordinary rocks, time reveals them to be precious stones,” said Lady Whistledown.

Of course, the author refers in this sentence to Penelope Featherington’s alter ego and other eligible women who found their husbands after the season they debuted in society.

“Would you like to see the grass up close?”, Eloise Bridgerton.

This threatening line is uttered by Eloise to her brother Benedict, when she mockingly asks him if she would rather be with her new friends than with him and Colin.

“Life’s too short for that, isn’t it?”, Penelope Featherington.

This sentence makes Lord Basilio cry, since Penelope tells him without knowing that he has lost his beloved horse, which recently died. In fact, Penelope tries to give an answer to the young man, who at a dance assures that he is keeping something “exclusive” that night.

“When I disagree with someone I know, I’ve found that my best course of action is to pretend they’re dead,” Cressida Cowper.

As Eloise’s new friend, Cressida advises that “if Penelope has changed her feelings for her, she’s changing hers,” along with some other advice.

“I appreciate your concern about cruelty, but perhaps you should look for a mirror instead of looking at me,” Cressida Cowper.

Similarly, when Eloise accuses Cressida of being cruel and spreading the rumor that Penelope has asked Colin for help in finding a husband, Cressida teaches her a lesson with this simple statement, since whoever was indiscreet and told her first of all everything, it was her. .

“It behooves you to remember that the higher the flight, the greater the fall,” said Lady Whistledown.

This is what the author says to all first-timers who intend to acquire the remains of Francesca Bridgerton, the “diamond” of the season.

“Trying to get on with my family is like trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle, and instead of shrinking, I tried to forge my own path away from them,” said Lord Debling.

The knight confesses to Cressida in a moment of conversation in the countryside, a phrase she understands perfectly.

“That which makes one’s heart swell may also make it break,” Lady Whistledown.

This is what Lady Whistledown reminds Penelope, right at the end of the last chapter of the first part, to alert herself to her romance with Colin.

The second part of the third season of ‘Brigerton’ on Netflix will premiere on June 13 and will surely leave us with many more incredible lines like these.

Source: univision

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