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Robocop for kids? It exists, and it’s from Marvel!

50% man, 50% car, 100% policeman. Those who discovered Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop when it hit theaters in 1987 will surely remember the film’s brilliant challenge. 37 years after his release, the violent Dutchman’s work is still recognizable. A classic of the cinema of paranoid anticipation, a violent dystopia against political corruption, the temptation of security and uncontrolled globalization, more relevant than ever.

Just over a year after hitting the big screen, Metal vigilante returns in animated form for a season of 12 26-minute episodes, created by Marvel Studios, broadcast in the United States from October to December 1988.

Below, a short introductory sequence that explains Alex J. Murphy’s fate…

This is not about showing the bursts of violence in the feature film, which caused Paulo some trouble with the censors, avoiding the infamous NC-17 classification. In the animated series, Alex J. Born from the martyred/murdered bodies of Murphy, the origins of RoboCop’s birth are set forth in the intro, explaining that he was shot down by Clarence Boddicker and his gang. The city of Detroit, a particularly angst-inducing location for the film, is transformed in the series into a more futuristic-looking city, with laser guns taking the place of firearms.

Despite these changes, being quite faithful to the original material, even with the presence of characters (even Clarence Boddicker for one episode), the Robocop animated series still suffers from a very average production. But it remains a real curiosity.

Source: Allocine

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