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3 cleaning habits that seem right but are wrong!

Too much suds are not a sign of cleanliness and detergent is harmful to floors.

There are many myths about cleaning which, in reality, not only end up compromising the final result, but also weigh on your pocket. Priscilla Castro, cleaning specialist and Ecoville ambassador, clears up three of these lies that you will surely have heard of or even made in your own home.

The more foam, the better the cleaning?

This is classic and amazing! Foam does not guarantee cleanliness. Plus, you just use more water to remove residue.

The more fabric softener, the softer the clothes become?


There is no way! When you use more fabric softener than necessary, clothes become greasier and absorb less water after drying, which is why they tend to stiffen.

Is washing powder okay for washing floors?


NO! Laundry soap is a highly alkaline product and damages the floor. It may seem clean at first, but over time damage is inevitable. Choose the products recommended for your floor type.

“Often less is more. Good advice is to pay attention to the instructions for use indicated on the product label. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly and, obviously, do not mix them. Each product has been designed to meet a specific need and Mix them with others it can cause intoxication”, concludes Priscila.

Source: Terra

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