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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: From Seth to Camping Paradise Who is Patrick Guerinault, Etienne Curtis’ Translator?

It’s just goodbye! In the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, the iconic family will leave the set: Etienne (Patrick Guerinault), Bénédicte (Honorine Magnier) and Dorian (Ryan Huber) Curtis. An important twist, as emphasized by the actor, who attributes his qualities to the father of the family, in an interview signed with AlloCiné.

Etienne Curtis, the unconditional love of a husband and father

When he arrived on a daily basis in June 2021, Etienne Curtis immediately won the hearts of viewers with his simplicity, kindness and, above all, his attachment to his family. But unfortunately, this unconditional love he has for his family has led to his downfall.

In the final episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Etienne embarks on a high-risk mission to escape Benedict from prison (he’s been incarcerated since January for the self-defense killing of Alexis Langlois).

And although he managed to free his wife, his long and dangerous escape to Spain did not go as he had imagined. In fact, trying to create sabotage, Etienne ran into a police roadblock, which put an end to his escape.

Arrested and then questioned by the police, he did everything he could to protect his family and leave the country safely. Thus, Etienne Curtis sacrificed himself to save Benedict and Dorian, the two people most dear to him. Therefore, the end of his run ends in prison.

The end of a high-pressure arc, but also a character full of emotion. Patrick Guerineau, who plays Etienne Curtis on screen, is getting ready to be arrogant. But don’t worry, the comedian probably still has a big career ahead of him. And here’s where you’ve seen it so far!

Patrick Guerino, star of Camping Paradis

In 2006, Patrick Guerino, now 52 years old, officially began his career as an actor. After several appearances in short films, he landed the lead role in the series that quickly became successful: Camping Paradis, alongside Laurent Urnack. From the first season, he played Xavier Porto, the bar manager of the camp.

He has been playing this caring bartender on the small screen for eighteen years now. In 2018, her character even appeared in the first episode of the 19th season of Josephine, Guardian Angel. There is no doubt that this role sticks to him. And three years later, he joined the cast of another phenomenal series: Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

He also played a clean-cut crook in Plus belle la vie and made a few flashy appearances in Alice Nevers, La Stagiaire and Nina.

In addition to these first and second roles on television, Patrick Guerinault also starred in feature films such as Laetitia Colombani’s Mes stars et moi, Jean-Michel Werner’s Célibataires or Gabriel Beaumin’s Les Fragments d’Antonin.

But first of all, he joined the cast of Jacques Audiard’s Olympics, which hits theaters in November 2021. In this black-and-white film, which was nominated five times for the César and won the Cannes soundtrack prize, the French actor lends his qualities to Jerome. Nora’s uncle (played by actress Noemi Merlant).

From now on, Patrick Guerino wants to try his hand at the theater. In an interview with Télé 2 Semaines journalists about his departure from the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us, the actor revealed: “I want to develop and do something else, I have theater projects that I have had to postpone or cancel due to scheduling.

Of course, he’s not closed to the idea of ​​returning to the TF1 series one day: “Then, until we find Etienne’s body in Seth’s port, my character can always show up again. It’s enough to bring a smile to the faces of fans of the series.

Source: Allocine

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