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Yellowstone: Only a true fan will notice this detail that connects the western saga series!

Do we still need to introduce Yellowstone, the phenomenally successful TV series that managed to revive the popularity of the Western in the general public? Although the main series will end at the end of season 5, many spin-offs have been announced, and a sequel titled 2024 will soon see the light of day.

But until the final episodes begin filming, Yellowstone continues to provide its fans with interesting trade secrets. Thus, the most observant among them will surely notice that several actors from the show appear in various roles in the credits of several series of the Western franchise.

The creator of the series takes revenge

The worst case is that of Taylor Sheridan. The creator of Yellowstone was originally destined for a career as an actor; But difficulties at the beginning of his career finally convinced him to devote himself to writing and directing. However, the latter did not completely leave the acting profession.

In Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan lends his qualities to Travis Wheatley, a Texas cowboy who specializes in selling horses. This character only appeared in a few episodes, but his time is enough to make an impression.

Then fans were able to find the creator of the series this time in the role of Charles Goodnight in 1883. Inspired by a real character from the Wild West, this former ranger helps an old friend eliminate a group of cattle rustlers.

Yellowstone and 1883, the connection between the two series!

Like Taylor Sheridan, other actors have appeared in several Yellowstone World productions. And especially Dawn Olivieri, who lends her features to Sarah Atwood, one of the main villains of the last season of the series.

Previously, the American actress made her debut in the saga with the role of Claire Dutton in the first episodes of the series. 1883. Many fans didn’t recognize the latter in these two roles because the change in appearance between the two roles is so amazing!

Taylor Sheridan’s favorite actress was also affected

A favorite actor of Taylor Sheridan (who directed him in Wind River), James Jordan played Stephen Hendon, a Montana state employee in Yellowstone, but also a coach named Cookie in 1883. The two actors starred in both Yellowstone and 1883. : Martin Sensmeier and Nicole Galizia.

It’s interesting to note that these connections between the various series in this universe do not apply to the 1923 prequel starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. New Yellowstone series broadcasts may allow additional names to be added to this list.

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Source: Allocine

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